Thursday, August 18, 2016

OpEd: When TRIBALISM Becomes the Rule of Law

theodore  M I R A L D I.

We must take a step back and look at the real results of Democrat policies since President Johnson's War on Poverty. 

Poverty is winning. 

Milwaukee is yet another city in the throws of extreme poverty brought to its knees at the hands of a Democrat controlled government. Every city in the US facing financial default, plunging city revenues and rampant unemployed is in the manipulative hands of bureaucrats who are more like rattlesnakes than rational elected officials.

The amount of trust in the government to take care of the poor is beginning to crumble as our cities are turning into micro-3rd world nations of tribal behaviors. Behaviors long gone in civilized nations that have integrated populations and social order.  

America is on the brink of outright Civil War against cops and anyone who is opposed to lawlessness.

Many of the residents in these communities are without the tools to succeed in any society, much less a society of laws and obedience to the common good. When young men have no fathers the only behaviors that matter are on the street. They call it "street smarts", what it is really called is tribal behavior. Being part of any group is more attractive than standing alone.

Albeit many grievances are forged in stagnant policy prolonged by controlling power at the ballot box. It has been a long time since the original social engineers realized some among us needed help, and as good citizens our duty was to assist in that effort. But the heartfelt policies that erupted in the 1960's have lost whatever real heart existed, and what remains is the extortion of public funds to quiet the disenfranchised.

What has been created is a culture of Tribalism that cares not about the common good, but only about the wants of the individual and how best to get what it wants. Unfortunately racism has played an enormous role in this present dysfunction. Racism has been used to punish the non-compliant members of society with threats of retaliation by actors like. Jesse Jackson. Al Sharpton and even the Community Organizer and now president Barack Obama. 

Long gone are the discussions regarding uplifting individuals by the charlatans of the Black Community. The leaders who walk around in $500. suits and drive luxury vehicles. This dog eat dog methodology is reminiscent of cultures that always fail. And this is not the only cultural war Americans are now facing.

Since when do you effect positive change in your community by burning it down? Since when to you settle differences by gunning down your rivals and killing innocent citizens. This is now what we have in many communities across our nation, and the problem is being multiplied by the influx of foreign actors who are bend on changing our successful way of life into some scrap heap of history.

These Tribal behaviors were purged from our society long ago by a population that worked hard to achieve personal success. Those in these communities that foster hatred against other citizens who may not be in compliance with their dysfunctions, need to be weeded out at all costs. It's time to act like we have a nation worth saving.

Americans will always help those who are honest and willing to make positive changes in their lives.

It's time for a change of direction by all. The blaming must end, the healing must finally begin.

One must be responsible to themselves and their families before telling the rest of us where the blame should be placed. Group Think is dangerous when practicing irrational behaviors. Far too long has the War on Poverty created greater poverty, and in doing so created enemies of countrymen.

It's time to rebuilt from the ground up. Let's start with our children!


  1. In the beginning there was God. Then in 1962 His Word was judged unconstitutional by men in black robes sitting on the US Supreme Court. The result removed the Bible from public school. The 10 Commandments no longer reminded children there are limitations to ones behavior because of Thee Higher Moral Authority.

    What followed that event was the age of rebellion. Hillary Clinton and Barrack Hussein Obama both looked to Saul Alinsky, the author of Rules for Radicals, as their political guru. Saul Alinsky dedicated Rules for Radicals to the first rebellion, Lucifer. That what 1971.

    After the Bible was taken from the lives of public school children Pandora’s Box opened up the counter culture of Kent State riots, the drug culture, free love, Woodstock, Studio 57, STDs/HIV, assassination of MLK/Margaret Sanger, the Negro Project, Abortion on demand took off in defiance of higher moral authority of self-control. Not only did Progressive moralism rebel as counterfeit to Biblical morals, it demanded equal footing between out of wedlock birth too that of loving married couples planning for life.

    Progressive Media helped destroy Biblical values with its counterfeit culture in RAP music. Crack, hoe talk and vulgarity produced a generation of fatherless kids who grow up to be their own baby mommahz. Al Gore’s wife tried to champion against RAP music with a book preaching wholesome living but then Al pushed her away with his image consultant Naomi Wolf’s Masturbation is great book. No wonder why Tipper left him broken.

    It's been two generations since 1962. The socially engineered are being community organized into mobs by Saul Alinsky's apostles, God help us.