Monday, September 12, 2016

OpEd: American Society Ruptured by HATE

theodore  M I R A L D I.

When will the bullies and ideologues get it! Making friends gives you more power, than having enemies. Hate has polluted much of our nation, from Grammar School to the White House. It has been creeping into our lives for decades.

This has been going on long before Barack Obama, or White Privilege complainers. This cancer started with population clusters that are made up of one particular race, or culture inhabiting neighborhoods with Non-English populations that have no desire, or need to get along with their new neighbors. Unlike other migrations that stopped and assimilated, new populations get the support of Taxpayers to remain, creating static communities. These migrations have been going on for decades within certain cultures. 

It started when crime became so rampant that the middle class moved to the suburbs along with their tax dollars to protect their children. Face the facts, this is common knowledge, and has been for quite some time.

For the most part many of these new immigrants come from war torn, or socially and politically dysfunctional countries. These are populations that have been abused by authority for generations.
And as we can plainly see it isn't working. The tremendous influx of low wage earners have destroyed the nations ability to create enough jobs for those already here.

My own personal experiences growing up in the Inner City and Minority Neighborhoods gives me the street credentials to tell it like it is!

People are people, and we all want and need the same things to have a successful life. Food, Shelter, Jobs, Family and a few good friends. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure this out. And for those who want to WORK hard and take responsibility for their lives and actions these things are attainable.

The real problems reside in the face to face confrontations within neighborhoods that are ripe with crime and violence against same culture actors. Again, it isn't far fetched to say that Whites abuse Whites, Blacks abuse Blacks, Hispanics abuse Hispanics and so forth.

In communities with chronic, latent crime, eventually you run out of victims. Or maybe not.

The virulent crime that has crippled the lives of millions is getting worse, and the reason is hate.

The blacks hate other blacks because they are not black enough  or, they have arrived from Africa. Hispanics hate other Hispanics because they come from other countries, And Blacks hate Hispanics and Hispanics hate blacks because they are both competing for the limited resources in their communities. Unfortunately many of the opportunities are represented by crime, gang, or drug related activities. And the naysayers can divert to Kingdom Come. Live there, and see for yourself.

These are the big money enterprises in the Inner City.

The time to introduce low paying jobs into this strata are long gone. Try buying an IPhone on minimum wage. So even if these jobs existed, few would buy in when selling drugs. sex or stolen merchandise fulfills the need for things.

The only takers are the newcomers, the just arrived from places that have become the new dependents. Not too much crop harvesting going on here, so taxi cabs, restaurant workers and other low paying jobs is all there is...period!

For the misfits already here creating this culture of hate, incarceration may be their only salvation from untimely death.

This silent cry for help in these communities is a lot of crap. More money and resources are available for anyone who has the desire to change. Why change when sex, drugs and rap music makes some feel whole.

The real problems in these neighborhoods are the charlatans who call themselves leaders. Ex gang members, convicts and social deviants who use the voice of hate through racism run for office, and somehow get elected. And the cycle of crime moves up a notch from the street to Public Service.

We are now seeing the fruits of hate in our institutions and government. And just be honest and look at the results. The decay of Public Education alone has impacted not only these communities, but the country as a whole. Children are taught little about our History of Freedom. 

It's time for Americans to turn to each other and shake a hand and make a friend. It all starts with our one on one relationships. Do something positive, take your communities back. And believe it or not, most Americans will join in.

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