Tuesday, September 6, 2016

OpEd: Hillary, STEP DOWN Traitor!

theodore  M I R A L D I.

Denying Hillary Clinton knowingly and with intent, attempted to hide from the Federal Government, State Dept. and the American People the Truth is all but a forgone conclusion. Pay for Play is an egregious attempt to subvert the honor of public office.

She has put the nation, its people and the sanctity of our election process at risk by lying under oath to Congress and refusing to answer questions truthfully during an FBI Investigation. 

In doing so, she put at risk sensitive classified information by having an un-secured server sitting in a toilet.

Maybe the toilet is where she hides things, it all makes sense some how in her mind at least.

My question is this, what kind of individual, who has been mired in scandal and serious criminal allegations would still be running for the Highest Office in our nation? 

What kind of individual would purposely evade the truth knowing she is so flawed and mistrusted by a majority of the public?

What kind of individual would risk the national security of our nation in such perilous times?

 Hillary Clinton is more like a Traitor than a Patriot. She sides with our enemies on many issues, and allows Illegals and unvetted  Syrian refugees to fill our cities and disrupt American Life and Culture. 

She does all of this knowingly, and with the blessing of a party that has acquiesced to socialists and some cases communist paradigms. This is an attempt to destroy us from within.

Hillary Clinton is the Antithesis all the core beliefs illuminated in our Constitution, She lacks the Honor, Duty and Perseverance necessary to lead our nation and the world.

Hillary Clinton will throw the baby out with the bath water for a few dollars more. Hillary Clinton is a disgrace to the Office she seeks, just like her lecherous husband, who has already disgraced the office.

What kind of person would willingly perpetrate this evil on a nation struggling to survive?

A person so sick with the passion for power and status that no injustice will pass her by!

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