Sunday, October 9, 2016

OpEd: Debate or PROPAGANDA

theodore M I R A L D I.

Updated 10/7/2016

So let's call it what it is, Propaganda, not Debate. The U.S. Media has become the largest Propaganda Machine in history. No less than Goebbel's Ministry of Public Enlightenment. It's main mission was to feed the German people erroneous information about groups of people that the Reich despised. Sound familiar?

Being fair minded and having the capacity to listen and learn is an attribute more of us need to attain. No doubt everyone's life is filled with competing variables and self interests. What seems to be the operative narrative of Democrats in general, and the Clinton/Kaine ticket is Hysteria and Fear.

Let me first address a pattern we are seeing with the moderators of past and upcoming debates. 

Bias, Bias, Bias. My God, they don't even try to hide it. MAINSTREAM media is up to no good.

First we have Lester Holt who on the surface looks and acts like an intelligent African/American male who has earned his way up the ladder. The night of the Trump/Clinton Debate, Holt turns into Mr. Bias against Trump and Hot Coco for Hillary.

Now we may ask, how could that happen being a fair minded nation that respects others and their opinions and beliefs. Ask Lester. Lester was the first plant to seed the debates with someone from each disgruntled demographic of the population in the democrat party.

Next up, Elaine Quijana a Philipino/American with a Hispanic last name from Chicago. The overall impression from the average Joe is that Elaine is a Latina. Her moderating skills are non-existent as she let Kaine interrupt Pence nearly every time he spoke and did nothing. 

Again remember, this is what the Adolescent Party, formerly known as the Democrats do. interrupt, speak over, shake their heads and deny, followed by diverting, and stating false statistics.

Somehow I think the voters are finally starting to see through the propaganda.

Up next is Anderson Cooper, an openly Gay/American, who of course has no agenda. Although I must admit Anderson will probably do the best job. We will see!

Mainstream Media is America's Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda. It's how the Nazi's took control of Germany.

Don't look now, but this is exactly what's happening in our nation.

Stacking the deck against a segment of the population with erroneous lies to seize control of our Wealth and Institutions. There are far too many PUBLIC SERVANTS becoming millionaires on our dime.

I say, let them yell and scream. Then ask yourself, is fear and hysteria what you want to control your life?


  1. Awesome Mr Miraldi, thank you for all of your great reporting!
    No one tells it like you do! God Bless!

  2. ,,, and just like the German people ,,,, Americans see it happening but do and say nothing to stop it ,,,for example ,, the media depends on viewership and ratings for their income $$ ,,, yet no one boycotts them ,,,, the media depends on advertising dollars and yet no one sends retailers any complaints against them ,,, Americans need to step up to the plate ,,, these people can be stopped,,,