Saturday, October 22, 2016


theodore  M I R A L D I.
Published 10/18/2016

What ever happened to the lofty ideals by modern day Democrats. Men and women who fought for equal rights and fair play. Since the Kennedy era there has not been one democrat who represented the middle class. Now they have Hillary. 

The real middle class, blue collar men and women who raised their children to believe in God and Country. City and Rural Americans who thought this nation was for us all, and that what we did was for our children to see and mimic into the next generation.

Here's what happened, like it or not. In fighting for the disenfranchised the Democrat party started filling their ranks with those who didn't believe in the American Dream. Sub-Culture became the newest fad, and like all good Democrats they couldn't resist wanting to be a part of what's new and shiny. Never considering the consequences. Power for the sake of power.

Taking advantage of a changing America is fine when you incorporate a positive message. When the message is the constant moan of victimization for every little infraction you start developing a culture of negatives. A culture of Whiners.

The democrats were willing to dilute their mission for a multi-culture of misfits, and under-achievers. What they started to fight for was a deception by the few. 

Let's be clear, successful cultures fight for themselves. Failed narratives fall by the wayside and make room for the next batch of ideas. 

You can't have multi-sub-culture narrative and have unity. Adult people usually understand this before they reach adulthood.

The promotion of splinter groups and false claims makes for a collusion of dishonesty and failure.

In doing so the Democrats have no real message. The swing from left to right dependent upon the news cycle and what's politically expedient.  As we have seen, what's politically correct for some can be an affront to another. And so it stands.

Appealing to a get rich quick group of entertainers, creative people was the instant gratification that started in the 60's and was fined tuned in the 90's. Hard work turned into self indulgent behaviors and grandiosity. Men wanted to be women, and women men because no adult said no!

People lost the very essence of life by imagining they where more important than life itself. 

How does one rectify such a falsehood.

Catering to the fringe may have added voters to the ranks of the Democrat Party, but it has eroded the fabric of our nation.

The party is in full dis-array despite what the media tells you. There is no way to have social control over groups with beliefs and narratives that are not cohesive. 

This is not a nation of small city states within cities. Every citizen must feel like they are an equal part of society.

The real problem is not every group wants to be part of our society.

Importunately this was the fatal error the Democrats hadn't planned for.

We live in a symbolic world where actions speak louder than words. The democrats have been telling us words mean more than actions. We already should know that is not true.

And we are now seeing the results.

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