Saturday, October 22, 2016

OpEd: Hillary, STOP Molesting Me!

theodore  M I R A  L D I.
Published 1/13/2016

I've had enough! The Clintons are trying to make all of us feel like a cheap Tijuana trick. All the sex, all the time is the democrats mantra until the election.

Thank God no-one knows about the time I kissed my Second Grade Teacher for fear it would wind up on the front page of the New York Times. I was a bad boy then, so don't even waste your time sizing me up now. The ever forgiving Democrats will never forgive normal Americans for anything. How could they when they waste all of their time making excuses for real predators like Bill Clinton in the White House, Murders, Looters and Liars.

Let's face it, it's about priorities. And right now what's happening is what I call 'Spagetti Time" just keep throwing it and see what sticks. But here's the rub, the Clintons have been molesting the American Public for decades. The very sleaze they admonish Trump for was the catalyst for Impeachment, the loss to Practice Law, and Perjury. These are Real Consequences to real Criminal Behaviors. And it belongs to the Clintons. And there's more on a Daily Basis.

What my real fear is, is that the Democrats want to eliminate the male libido. So young boys won't go around kissing teachers in school. Is it better that the kids today are beating teachers up? Apparently so.

I've had enough!

Anyone who grew up in the 60's, 70's and 80's grew up in the Sexual R evolution led by the Democrats when kissing, groping and talking dirty was the rage!

Unfortunately the Clintons are really looking at themselves and judging others.

So, I will not publish anymore scurrilous attempts by the Clinton Propaganda Machine to make me feel dirty!

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