Saturday, October 22, 2016

OpEd: OLD Democrat METHODS Used To Beat Trump

theodore  M I R A L D I.
Published 10/16/2016

The same methods the Southern Democrats use to promote slavery and intimidate Blacks in the South is the driving force behind the Democrats methods again, as they attempt to segregate the races and divide groups to hold on to power.

Is this History Repeating Itself?  The Democrat Party that founded, funded and carried out firebombings and lynchings across the south by the KluKluxKlan are responsible for hatred again.

The hunger for power has always been the Clinton mantra at any cost. An inept Obama has kept the nation at odds with the principles that bind us together. 

Policies that bind individuals to government care is just another form of slavery. The new overlords are now bureaucrats that set intolerable rules and regulations on anyone that they help. Food Stamps, Housing and Health Care can be taken away for the smallest infraction of the rules, leaving those most at risk in critical situations.

Living under the guise of government care, individuals are forever living in fear. Those living in fear never do well. Hence, they sometimes turn to crime in order to have a little more money without being punished by the system, thereby promoting criminal behaviors.

My point being, this is what the Democrat Party hangs its hat on...helping the poor. The only ones being helped are those who run for office and promise you prosperity through government entitlements. They have jobs with all the perks. 

Only those whose spirit and self respect drive their personal narrative ever escape into the general public and gain personal and financial Freedom.

Mind you, both parties have been milking the system for some time now. They work hand in hand to implement policies to keep the population, either at Full Employment or, in Depression. Either way Americans are under the thumb of the rich, as the Democrats say or, the incompetent stressed by the Republicans.

We have come to a fork in the road and our choices aren't the best. Hillary, or Trump.

The Democrats promise success through low employment, regulations and entitlement and call it HOPE.

The Republicans offer you jobs, taking down regulations, real education for your children and an accounting of how government spends your hard earned money, and call it CHANGE.

Which sounds best for YOU?

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