Monday, November 28, 2016

OpEd: DEMOCRATS; Change Your Diaper, Dry your Eyes

theodore  M I R A L D I.

As many on the left are just beginning to realize, they just didn't lose an election, but lost a battle in the War to return American Culture to America.

Ours is a culture of hard work and civic responsibility, and it has been so, well over 200 years. It's a place where Family, Honor, Duty and GOD is rooted into the fabric of government. Where laws protect the innocent and not the predator. We thrive as a nation of one common purpose, not the needs of the few over the many.

And the flawed narrative of division and hatred has been soundly Trumped. And although the left tried to thrown a bucket of bolts into the engine of the Trump Train. what resulted was an resounding party slam by the electorate.

The Democrats may have lost more than just an election. What they have lost is the trust of the American People. Crying wolf over any issue that required more money, yet never delivering on the promise of a better life, a safer nation or, more money in your paycheck.

What they delivered was an illusion of success never to be validated by hard data. They offered parsed results on everything from the unemployed, education, upward mobility and the economy.

It only stands to reason, if you model your policy on failed systems and ideology alone, eventually you will be the loser. How much historical analysis do progressives need to see the truth.

No matter how severe the beating at the ballot box, the better than you gang still demands to be in power. And they will do anything to make that happen. Civil Disobedience, Murdering Police, Race and just repeating the lies that the American people have rejected.

There is a fulled fledged effort to brainwash our children and young adults. It's what they do in the Middle East, China and other authoritarian societies. Palestinians actually teach children that killing Jews is honorable. My God, how sick is the human spirit.  The roots of division are now in our Grammar Schools and Universities across the nation. 

You change a culture through our children and unbridled Immigration. It's how societies have been changed throughout history.

Like it or not, a correction is coming and some will be losers. 

What's good is that the American Public will again run their own country.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

OpEd: Hamilton SHOT on The Great White Way!

theodore  M I R A L D I.

Who knew that one of our most accomplished Founding Fathers would be glorified by the world of rap, and conversely be used to deliver the message of the left. There you have it. I'm patiently waiting for Bible Scripture to be rhymed telling devout Christians that for the last 2000 years it was alright to riot in the streets and loot the local fish market.

 The moronic, world repetitive movement is trying to strip the real world of its humanity by constantly telling us we have done it all wrong. All of our concepts regarding belief systems, government, and social integration and behavior shouldn't be based on logic, but hubris and emotion.

I for one am tired of the foul mouthed, disrespectful population that thinks rhyming about historical figures somehow changes basic truth. Unfortunate, but true that no Blacks or Hispanics either wrote, or signed the Declaration of Independence. Sad as that may be, Western Culture has been the catalyst to a better world for all.

I have been no supporter of the Broadway hit Hamilton. In my book it's just another method to minimize the importance, and meaning of Alexander Hamilton's life. 

In a time when the left is using propaganda and deceit to change political thought, Alexander Hamilton fiercely believed in our Founding Principles that he gave his life to defend them.

The cast of Hamilton should be ashamed and remorseful for the treatment of  Vice President Elect Pence. Pence had the integrity and character to put himself in the audience filled with his detractors.

And the result was a choreographed political statement conceived to embarrass Pence. Treating people fairly is certainly not a characteristic of the left, and most certainly the entertainment industry.

Let's not forget the Hamilton Casting Call that clearly read; 

To be frank, the left will not accept losing power on November 8th.

Hamilton has been shot by his detractors once more. This time on the Great White Way!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016


theodore  M I R A L D I.

It's time we stop running our government like a social club. A place where the insiders make the decisions for the rest of us. And although I'm a supporter of good interpersonal skills, there comes a point of it becoming a culture within our Institutions. What results is the bickering and personal judgments that set people apart from each other and the ability to become efficient, or effective and successful.

As we have seen with the massive corruption by the Democrats leading into this election, the ability to organize political activism at work should be illegal and against the law. See for yourself, enter any big city institution filled with ideologues more than willing to profess their allegiance to a particular party.

Let's not be naive though, people seek their own kind when filling jobs in both government and the private sector. What wrong is that in many cases the Bureaucrats have the ability to make your life more difficult with a tap on a keyboard.

The lack of leadership within the Obama Administration was obvious from the onset. When you fill top positions with cronies that adhere to political doctrine instead of agency mission. No-one wants to be the first caught doing something unethical, or against the law. Never so evident as with the IRS, VA or the Department of Justice. No loss of employment, no criminal charges.

The culture of corruption breeds more corruption. Once it becomes a way of doing business, it becomes literally impossible to stop.

Sometimes breaking all the rules and taboos leaves people, and institutions lacking the desire to fight against what many know is wrong. It becomes Group Think.  Surely everyone knows their chances fighting City Hall.

Our nation cannot survive this narrative of no consequences, and no judgments. The anything goes paradigm that has been responsible for letting people off the hook when their behaviors are contrary to the norms we live under weakens the collective.

Anyone can complain about perceived injustice, many more don't, and continue with their lives being grateful for what they can actually control.

What we need is a nation of problem solvers, not a nation of complainers. Nations have come and gone when its population either stopped working together, or never did to begin with.

There always must be consequences in life. Reward and punishment has been the established behavioral methodology since humans started living in organized communities.

Taking away either, leads to Chaos, Confusion and Anarchy.

Our social contract with each other to examine ourselves is a function of society that binds us to responsibility. Progressives have for some time prompted  some quasi-humanistic belief that correction is somehow cruel, or unwarranted.

The Legacy of the human race will shine when we work together. The progressive agenda in our nation promotes Hate, and Division. 

It brings us back to the time when we walked on all fours.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

OpEd: Obama, Clinton VITRIOL Causing Protests

theodore  M I R A L D I.

Thank GOD, the election is over. And just like Obama reminded the nation once before, 'Elections have Consequences.' Over the last 8 years the Left has run roughshod over nearly half of the nation.

Pushed every button to incite Divisiveness.

Passing the largest piece of legislation since FDR without one vote from the opposing party. Lawyers signing a bill without even reading it. Would a lawyer ever do that in their personal life? Not a chance. This particular act by Obama with the support of Hillary Clinton was the beginning of an administration that had no respect for anyone who would disagree.

Instead of the left realizing the gift of a confused Congress and population, Obama and his deceivers doubled down ramming through Executive Orders and Regulations on a nation afraid to challenge our first Black President on context and intent.

On this premise was built the abusive nature of a Socialist inspired president and a party that little resembles Democrats of the modern age.

Gone were the master negotiators replaced by a Gestapo like mentality that demanded such ridiculous things like Transgender Bathrooms, and Gay Marriage. And they called this rational. In any age, there are fringe elements that demand out of norm behaviors that challenge beliefs systems.

Life's challenges balance our existence, but do we learn?

The results of this election was a major change in course by rational voters. Voters that wanted honest
answers to real problems. Conclusions based upon conception of rational policy that made life better
for most Americans, and not just the few.

And so we have President Elect Donald J. Trump, a straight shooter in the land of Oz. He  promises to Drain The Swamp that has taken root in Washington. Vermin that have been promising the public solutions aided by more taxes and failed policy.

Insults and Hyperbole' instead of Unity. How much longer did they think the American public would stand for lies and corruption. I guess knowing your neighbor really does matter.

Unfortunate that the responsibility to our families and neighbors was weakened by a narrative of distrust and racial discourse. Who could have seen it coming from an African/American president
and a loving Democrat Party.

As a result there are thousands of disenchanted people protesting the election results. Yet instead of calming the storm, the Kumbaya Party is fanning the flames of violence.

Like Trump or not, it's nice to have an adult running things again.

OpEd: REBUILDING the American Dream

theodore  M I R A L D I.

Let me thank my loyal readers for staying focused and following through at the Ballot Box. What has just happened is extraordinary on par with David slaying Goliath. It proves that an idea and a dream a can make a difference, and Good still prevails.

The lost citizens in our nation have come together once again to stand firm and shout, 'We have had enough.' Enough of finding ways to judge each other when kindness and respect can mend any issue, any injustice.

No man or woman stands in perfection before God. We tend to make the same mistakes in an existence flawed with imperfection.

As Socrates once said that, 'the unexamined life is not worth living' meaning one should know and understand the consequences of living under someone else's rule.

The election was the intended outcome of Socrates thought. The government as it now exists applies an undo burden on each of us to obey with question. This is not what our Founding Fathers created through our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Our Founding Fathers gave us protections against the tyranny of government to prevent rule by edict.

We should contemplate the true value of Trump's intersession, it may have saved us from the corruption of men and power that could destroy our Republic.

This election will serve notice on those who become blind to power through the abuse of its citizens.

The 2016 Election with all its corruption will testify to those who follow its methodology, that one man with  Dream can move a mountainous bureaucracy with the truth.

I am once again proud of my country and its citizens for finding a way to reverse a course of destruction of personal and civic duty.

We have many serious problems ahead. We now have the Builder for our crumbling nation.

God Bless America! God Bless President Trump!

Monday, November 7, 2016

OpEd: REBELLION at the Ballot Box

theodore  M I R A L D I.

Four year ago we were faced with enormous problems concerning the future of our nation. And things have only gotten worse.

 Today we are faced with a decision that may very well last for decades. To choose not between to flawed candidates, but to choose the destiny of the nation.

For the last 8 years the Obama Doctrine has unraveled the trust Americans rely upon by corrupting our Institutions resulting in public anomie.

We are a nation in chaos engineered by the political elite who no longer care about our safety or the future of our children.

Our cities are crumbling and Americans are sleeping on the streets. Children are killing each other instead of getting a good education.

Healthy men and women can't find work to support their families, or pay their bills. Illegal immigrants are running rampant creating social and economic problems that we should not be dealing with.

Our tax dollars are being wasted because politicians are feeding special interests our hard earned cash. 

We are facing a danger in the world not seen since the rise of the Nazis in Germany. We have a new Axis of Evil preparing to destroy our way of life.

America is not prepare, and our leaders think we can talk Evil down. In truth, we can't stop our own children from violent acts.

It's time for the Ballot Box to deliver a message that can no longer be ignored.

We are Americans, We believe in GOD, FAMILY and COUNTRY.

It's our right as CITIZENS to tell the political elite it's time to go!

Take America Back with a REBELLION at the Ballot Box!

OpEd: The ARROGANCE of Corruption

theodore  M I R A L D I.

The level of arrogance against our civil norms and the rule of law by those who are supposed to protect us have become so common that the average citizen now expects it. Why else would the suspension of logic excite the masses to elect known criminals and those challenged by ethics an fair play.

What has unfolded during this election is a full frontal assault on our Constitutional Republic by the forces of hate and criminal behaviors. A sorrowful democrat party is now seeded with misfits and low information ideologues.

This narrative promotes the fears that have haunted organized societies into oblivion. People no longer have a sense of history, and its effects on the future.

The more intelligent veer away from committing the same mistakes. Weakness promotes opportunity for the predators here and abroad. Only those who care about the future of our nation know this. The self centered, singular issue antagonists serve only themselves and their chosen narrative of the day.

The left thrives on confusion and chaos, it always does.

It reminds me of a passage to a poem called Desiderata; Max Ehrmann,

'Avoid loud and aggressive persons,
they are vexations to the spirit.
If you compare yourself with others,
you may become vain and bitter;
for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.
Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans.' 

Steer clear of the loudmouths who don't allow you to debate, the aggressive who threaten you when you disagree, the judgement and names that they profess are yours are really their behaviors.

How unfortunate to live in a nation that offers so much to the ungrateful and entitled. We are a nation of citizens, countrymen and women who have worked for the common good.

We need not be the same hue, we need not worship the same God, and we sometimes speak the language of our origin. But, we need the unity of purpose as friends, neighbors and citizens to construct a better Union between ourselves and our Government.

When we truly work together, there is no obstacle, no vision and no adversary we can't overcome.

For too long a segment of our nation has been lied to by a party that promises, what it has no intention of delivering. Now they are lying to the rest of us as well. There are so many lies, that it is hard to know the real truth any longer. This is governing through deceit. 

We are better than that.

Our nation is the Shining City on the Hill, yet there are those who have nothing but disdain for our achievements.

Voters on November 8th must make a decision that will fix the mess in DC.

It's time for the doers to take charge and return the nation to the people.

OpEd: Is It Time To RESTRICT Protections For The MEDIA?

theodore M I R A L D I.

While Media has for many decades been the Gatekeeper between Government and its Citizens, it may be time to take a second look at this over-riding Privilege and Protections. No longer do we look to the monuments of Journalism as our Arbitrators of Truth.
Gone is the image of civility and unbias news once the backbone Americans relied upon to assess what Government had, and was planning to do in running our nation.
Americans used to gather around their TV's watching Morrow, Brinkley and Cronkite, fatherly figures we trusted and admired.
Today we watch Kelly, Maddow and Cooper and wonder why our nation is in a free-fall from the truth. Can these Actors ever be Objective?
The Ist Amendments Intent was to protect Freedom of Speech, Religion, Press, Assembly, and Petition Government for Redress of Grievances. So why is the mainstream press on a mission to dilute these very rights?
No longer the Protector of the Public Conscience, but the mechanism of Propaganda for a party that looks more like a party of Socialists or Communists trying to promote an old narrative of Human Slavery.
Establishment Media no longer promotes the Freedom of all Americans against Government Corruptions, but uses the power of its words to vilify honest debate.

OpEd: John Lennon & THE ELECTION

theodore  M I R A L D I.
10/28/2016While going through my daily routine of scouring the news for relevance, I can across an article in the NY Post titled, Is John Lennon's song "Imagine" the worst song of all time? After a few moments something occurred to me, John Lennon was living in the same bubble as the Clinton's. Preaching how the rest of us would be much happier without God and all the stuff that seemingly makes human beings happy. Things like Homes, Cars, IPhones and the like.

So let's do some comparisons.

John Lennon was disgustingly rich for sitting around, getting high, and telling the rest of us how we should live and think. Yet, he writes about a vision that requires the rest of us to give up the comforts that for most are hard earned. At no time in his career does he practice what he preaches by giving away his vast fortune for the betterment of mankind.

Now I'd be lying, if I were to say I didn't thoroughly enjoy his music, or enthusiastically wait for his next release. The point being exactly what comforts did Lennon give up to prove to us his words were more than an out of body experience that he himself was not able to buy into.

And why does this all matter as we approach November 8th?

I for one am sick by what politics and its practitioners have been feeding the public regarding sacrifice and the betterment of mankind.  Politicians generally are living off the hard work of others. Unfortunately there are those like the Clintons for decades have been telling the rest of us how to live and think. And like Lennon, or maybe I should say, LENIN they have figured out a way to become filthy rich without doing real work like most Americans do.

Now the Clinton's. After decades of looking down at the rest of us, and breaking every rule of behavior have been caught in their own hypocrisy as well. Americans have seen and heard enough of the lying, cheating and empty promises, that for some was a rebellion against the norm. 

What was once rebellion is now criminal. It's what hypocrisy does to it believers.

How easy to sit in their Ivory Tower while collecting cash for literally nothing. While millions of Americans suffer in poverty or struggle to survive, The Lennon's, Clinton's, Putin's, Castro's, Dictator's, DiCaprio's and other Humanists live in opulence, share little, and tell to live.

Long Live "Imagine" a song for the ages, not the people!

OpEd: Hillary's Progressive DEATH KNELL

theodore  M I R A L D I.
10/23/2016Just in case no-one's been watching, the world is taking a hard turn to the right. Done with progressive movements in Europe, South America, Asia and Africa, the left is being routed in elections around the world. The United States finds itself leading from behind with everyone but the United Nations and Communists. 

Even the mildest of Socialists States are slamming the door on issues that are diluting sovereignty and opening borders to the Culturally Dysfunctional looking to upset time proven community building for chaos.

Take a glimpse at Germany, France and and Great Britain, long time allies of U.S. starting to reverse cancerous elements of migration and social understanding as a method of national unity. Give them credit for seeing something isn't working and making necessary changes.

We are in a national crisis being prolonged by a National Party that long ago gave up on the American Public. The Elites who now run our government tolerate voters who are being constantly fed false information as long as they have their vote. 

Whether the Republicans take the Oval Office or not, there's an enormous change coming to our nation. People are fed up with broken promises and failed progressive policy. So much so that a Civil Crisis may be brewing.

No more can we elect ideologues who echo political apparatus and self serving candidates. The level of corruption we have approached is paramount to the flawed candidates running. How can a nation successfully survive when a large segment of the populous is willing to elect candidates with long standing knowledge of unethical, and serious criminal behaviors.

The progressives can't win on policy so they attack the opposition with tabloid stories which will never be proven. No one element of evidence has been put forward by any of Trumps long line of liars. Funny how the Clinton's have a long reputation for doing just that...lying to the public for personal gain.

We are now at the bottom of the curve with other Western Nations in almost every data point imaginable. Except ONE! Our 1 percent growth being heralded as a success by the Democrats.

We have taken the blow from Obama's incompetency with a far more dangerous world thanks to Hillary and the fickle progressive party.

If not for yourself, how about your children and their future.