Wednesday, November 16, 2016


theodore  M I R A L D I.

It's time we stop running our government like a social club. A place where the insiders make the decisions for the rest of us. And although I'm a supporter of good interpersonal skills, there comes a point of it becoming a culture within our Institutions. What results is the bickering and personal judgments that set people apart from each other and the ability to become efficient, or effective and successful.

As we have seen with the massive corruption by the Democrats leading into this election, the ability to organize political activism at work should be illegal and against the law. See for yourself, enter any big city institution filled with ideologues more than willing to profess their allegiance to a particular party.

Let's not be naive though, people seek their own kind when filling jobs in both government and the private sector. What wrong is that in many cases the Bureaucrats have the ability to make your life more difficult with a tap on a keyboard.

The lack of leadership within the Obama Administration was obvious from the onset. When you fill top positions with cronies that adhere to political doctrine instead of agency mission. No-one wants to be the first caught doing something unethical, or against the law. Never so evident as with the IRS, VA or the Department of Justice. No loss of employment, no criminal charges.

The culture of corruption breeds more corruption. Once it becomes a way of doing business, it becomes literally impossible to stop.

Sometimes breaking all the rules and taboos leaves people, and institutions lacking the desire to fight against what many know is wrong. It becomes Group Think.  Surely everyone knows their chances fighting City Hall.

Our nation cannot survive this narrative of no consequences, and no judgments. The anything goes paradigm that has been responsible for letting people off the hook when their behaviors are contrary to the norms we live under weakens the collective.

Anyone can complain about perceived injustice, many more don't, and continue with their lives being grateful for what they can actually control.

What we need is a nation of problem solvers, not a nation of complainers. Nations have come and gone when its population either stopped working together, or never did to begin with.

There always must be consequences in life. Reward and punishment has been the established behavioral methodology since humans started living in organized communities.

Taking away either, leads to Chaos, Confusion and Anarchy.

Our social contract with each other to examine ourselves is a function of society that binds us to responsibility. Progressives have for some time prompted  some quasi-humanistic belief that correction is somehow cruel, or unwarranted.

The Legacy of the human race will shine when we work together. The progressive agenda in our nation promotes Hate, and Division. 

It brings us back to the time when we walked on all fours.

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