Monday, November 28, 2016

OpEd: DEMOCRATS; Change Your Diaper, Dry your Eyes

theodore  M I R A L D I.

As many on the left are just beginning to realize, they just didn't lose an election, but lost a battle in the War to return American Culture to America.

Ours is a culture of hard work and civic responsibility, and it has been so, well over 200 years. It's a place where Family, Honor, Duty and GOD is rooted into the fabric of government. Where laws protect the innocent and not the predator. We thrive as a nation of one common purpose, not the needs of the few over the many.

And the flawed narrative of division and hatred has been soundly Trumped. And although the left tried to thrown a bucket of bolts into the engine of the Trump Train. what resulted was an resounding party slam by the electorate.

The Democrats may have lost more than just an election. What they have lost is the trust of the American People. Crying wolf over any issue that required more money, yet never delivering on the promise of a better life, a safer nation or, more money in your paycheck.

What they delivered was an illusion of success never to be validated by hard data. They offered parsed results on everything from the unemployed, education, upward mobility and the economy.

It only stands to reason, if you model your policy on failed systems and ideology alone, eventually you will be the loser. How much historical analysis do progressives need to see the truth.

No matter how severe the beating at the ballot box, the better than you gang still demands to be in power. And they will do anything to make that happen. Civil Disobedience, Murdering Police, Race and just repeating the lies that the American people have rejected.

There is a fulled fledged effort to brainwash our children and young adults. It's what they do in the Middle East, China and other authoritarian societies. Palestinians actually teach children that killing Jews is honorable. My God, how sick is the human spirit.  The roots of division are now in our Grammar Schools and Universities across the nation. 

You change a culture through our children and unbridled Immigration. It's how societies have been changed throughout history.

Like it or not, a correction is coming and some will be losers. 

What's good is that the American Public will again run their own country.

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