Sunday, November 20, 2016

OpEd: Hamilton SHOT on The Great White Way!

theodore  M I R A L D I.

Who knew that one of our most accomplished Founding Fathers would be glorified by the world of rap, and conversely be used to deliver the message of the left. There you have it. I'm patiently waiting for Bible Scripture to be rhymed telling devout Christians that for the last 2000 years it was alright to riot in the streets and loot the local fish market.

 The moronic, world repetitive movement is trying to strip the real world of its humanity by constantly telling us we have done it all wrong. All of our concepts regarding belief systems, government, and social integration and behavior shouldn't be based on logic, but hubris and emotion.

I for one am tired of the foul mouthed, disrespectful population that thinks rhyming about historical figures somehow changes basic truth. Unfortunate, but true that no Blacks or Hispanics either wrote, or signed the Declaration of Independence. Sad as that may be, Western Culture has been the catalyst to a better world for all.

I have been no supporter of the Broadway hit Hamilton. In my book it's just another method to minimize the importance, and meaning of Alexander Hamilton's life. 

In a time when the left is using propaganda and deceit to change political thought, Alexander Hamilton fiercely believed in our Founding Principles that he gave his life to defend them.

The cast of Hamilton should be ashamed and remorseful for the treatment of  Vice President Elect Pence. Pence had the integrity and character to put himself in the audience filled with his detractors.

And the result was a choreographed political statement conceived to embarrass Pence. Treating people fairly is certainly not a characteristic of the left, and most certainly the entertainment industry.

Let's not forget the Hamilton Casting Call that clearly read; 

To be frank, the left will not accept losing power on November 8th.

Hamilton has been shot by his detractors once more. This time on the Great White Way!

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