Monday, November 7, 2016

OpEd: Hillary's Progressive DEATH KNELL

theodore  M I R A L D I.
10/23/2016Just in case no-one's been watching, the world is taking a hard turn to the right. Done with progressive movements in Europe, South America, Asia and Africa, the left is being routed in elections around the world. The United States finds itself leading from behind with everyone but the United Nations and Communists. 

Even the mildest of Socialists States are slamming the door on issues that are diluting sovereignty and opening borders to the Culturally Dysfunctional looking to upset time proven community building for chaos.

Take a glimpse at Germany, France and and Great Britain, long time allies of U.S. starting to reverse cancerous elements of migration and social understanding as a method of national unity. Give them credit for seeing something isn't working and making necessary changes.

We are in a national crisis being prolonged by a National Party that long ago gave up on the American Public. The Elites who now run our government tolerate voters who are being constantly fed false information as long as they have their vote. 

Whether the Republicans take the Oval Office or not, there's an enormous change coming to our nation. People are fed up with broken promises and failed progressive policy. So much so that a Civil Crisis may be brewing.

No more can we elect ideologues who echo political apparatus and self serving candidates. The level of corruption we have approached is paramount to the flawed candidates running. How can a nation successfully survive when a large segment of the populous is willing to elect candidates with long standing knowledge of unethical, and serious criminal behaviors.

The progressives can't win on policy so they attack the opposition with tabloid stories which will never be proven. No one element of evidence has been put forward by any of Trumps long line of liars. Funny how the Clinton's have a long reputation for doing just that...lying to the public for personal gain.

We are now at the bottom of the curve with other Western Nations in almost every data point imaginable. Except ONE! Our 1 percent growth being heralded as a success by the Democrats.

We have taken the blow from Obama's incompetency with a far more dangerous world thanks to Hillary and the fickle progressive party.

If not for yourself, how about your children and their future.

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