Monday, November 7, 2016

OpEd: Is It Time To RESTRICT Protections For The MEDIA?

theodore M I R A L D I.

While Media has for many decades been the Gatekeeper between Government and its Citizens, it may be time to take a second look at this over-riding Privilege and Protections. No longer do we look to the monuments of Journalism as our Arbitrators of Truth.
Gone is the image of civility and unbias news once the backbone Americans relied upon to assess what Government had, and was planning to do in running our nation.
Americans used to gather around their TV's watching Morrow, Brinkley and Cronkite, fatherly figures we trusted and admired.
Today we watch Kelly, Maddow and Cooper and wonder why our nation is in a free-fall from the truth. Can these Actors ever be Objective?
The Ist Amendments Intent was to protect Freedom of Speech, Religion, Press, Assembly, and Petition Government for Redress of Grievances. So why is the mainstream press on a mission to dilute these very rights?
No longer the Protector of the Public Conscience, but the mechanism of Propaganda for a party that looks more like a party of Socialists or Communists trying to promote an old narrative of Human Slavery.
Establishment Media no longer promotes the Freedom of all Americans against Government Corruptions, but uses the power of its words to vilify honest debate.

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