Monday, November 7, 2016

OpEd: John Lennon & THE ELECTION

theodore  M I R A L D I.
10/28/2016While going through my daily routine of scouring the news for relevance, I can across an article in the NY Post titled, Is John Lennon's song "Imagine" the worst song of all time? After a few moments something occurred to me, John Lennon was living in the same bubble as the Clinton's. Preaching how the rest of us would be much happier without God and all the stuff that seemingly makes human beings happy. Things like Homes, Cars, IPhones and the like.

So let's do some comparisons.

John Lennon was disgustingly rich for sitting around, getting high, and telling the rest of us how we should live and think. Yet, he writes about a vision that requires the rest of us to give up the comforts that for most are hard earned. At no time in his career does he practice what he preaches by giving away his vast fortune for the betterment of mankind.

Now I'd be lying, if I were to say I didn't thoroughly enjoy his music, or enthusiastically wait for his next release. The point being exactly what comforts did Lennon give up to prove to us his words were more than an out of body experience that he himself was not able to buy into.

And why does this all matter as we approach November 8th?

I for one am sick by what politics and its practitioners have been feeding the public regarding sacrifice and the betterment of mankind.  Politicians generally are living off the hard work of others. Unfortunately there are those like the Clintons for decades have been telling the rest of us how to live and think. And like Lennon, or maybe I should say, LENIN they have figured out a way to become filthy rich without doing real work like most Americans do.

Now the Clinton's. After decades of looking down at the rest of us, and breaking every rule of behavior have been caught in their own hypocrisy as well. Americans have seen and heard enough of the lying, cheating and empty promises, that for some was a rebellion against the norm. 

What was once rebellion is now criminal. It's what hypocrisy does to it believers.

How easy to sit in their Ivory Tower while collecting cash for literally nothing. While millions of Americans suffer in poverty or struggle to survive, The Lennon's, Clinton's, Putin's, Castro's, Dictator's, DiCaprio's and other Humanists live in opulence, share little, and tell to live.

Long Live "Imagine" a song for the ages, not the people!

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