Monday, November 7, 2016

OpEd: REBELLION at the Ballot Box

theodore  M I R A L D I.

Four year ago we were faced with enormous problems concerning the future of our nation. And things have only gotten worse.

 Today we are faced with a decision that may very well last for decades. To choose not between to flawed candidates, but to choose the destiny of the nation.

For the last 8 years the Obama Doctrine has unraveled the trust Americans rely upon by corrupting our Institutions resulting in public anomie.

We are a nation in chaos engineered by the political elite who no longer care about our safety or the future of our children.

Our cities are crumbling and Americans are sleeping on the streets. Children are killing each other instead of getting a good education.

Healthy men and women can't find work to support their families, or pay their bills. Illegal immigrants are running rampant creating social and economic problems that we should not be dealing with.

Our tax dollars are being wasted because politicians are feeding special interests our hard earned cash. 

We are facing a danger in the world not seen since the rise of the Nazis in Germany. We have a new Axis of Evil preparing to destroy our way of life.

America is not prepare, and our leaders think we can talk Evil down. In truth, we can't stop our own children from violent acts.

It's time for the Ballot Box to deliver a message that can no longer be ignored.

We are Americans, We believe in GOD, FAMILY and COUNTRY.

It's our right as CITIZENS to tell the political elite it's time to go!

Take America Back with a REBELLION at the Ballot Box!

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