Friday, December 30, 2016

OpEd: Obama. The MAN/CHILD President

theodore M I R A L D I.

The enigma that is Obama is coming to a crashing halt. Our half Black, half White, half Capitalist, half Socialist President has been a puzzle that has confused voters and pundits alike.

The giggly educator that people loved to hate, and hated to love is finally on his tumultuous way out the door.  And not a moment too soon.

This petulant president is the social warrior of those who may, or may not have been victimized. After all, he sees himself as a victim, raised and educated on the Public Teet. Molded by the Mongrels
of Hate and fine tuned at Harvard. A First Generation African who implies he knows the suffering of slavery in the US some 151 years after Emancipation.

Even after 8 years of Obama we really know little about him.

This is the President with little to no past.

Americans with their Guns and Bibles took a leap of faith and gave a man with dubious credentials a chance. It's what Americans do.

Sorry to say, Obama and his Administration will go down as the most corrupt government in American History. And for those who refuse facts to validate their narratives, too much propaganda
has hacked into your common sense.

Obama is more of a Cult Figure than a World Leader to his admirers. The smile, the whimsical repartee resurrects our adolescence hidden beneath our adulthood.

Being the CEO of a nation requires hard work, something Obama never learned in school. His redistribution of wealth was the act of a Sugar Daddy mentality usually attached to Dictators and not serious administrators of the Public Wealth, or Trust. 

It will take decades to reverse the abuse of Taxpayer Dollars and National Debt accrued by Obama's Give-Aways. We actually gave the checkbook to a stranger.

The only hope left, is that the days left of his reign goes without further embarrassment to our Nation and its people.

The proof of his ineptness is strewn across the nation at people, mostly white people who voted for this car-salesman out of the goodness of their hearts and souls. What he has left us is a barrage of insults leveled against each of us, as well as our allies and pitted Americans of all hues against common sense and fair play.

Exit Stage Left....Please!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

OpEd: Obama, The Intellectual TERRORIST


theodore  M I R A L D I.

Obama, living up to his hatred for America and its Allies continues to lay mines around the nation and World to weaken governments, deplete resources, and leave the Presidency in chaos for the incoming Trump Administration. 

Abstaining to vote on Israeli settlements is the tip of the Titanic
as it sinks into the depths of history. A man who demanded that every vote counts refused to stand with an Ally against Terrorism.

Obama, and not Radical Islamic Terrorism was the real threat to our safety and security. The difference was in the enactment of disruption from within. Any neophyte can now plainly see the negative effects of policies that take planning and implementation over a period of time. Obama is not your Fidel Castro, or Che Guevara with gun in hand, he is a cowardly man who destroys with his words. 

The gun we the people gave him was the Constitution of a Free Nation where forgiveness sometimes brings bad tiding.

Obama, a student of radicalism throughout his early years was given the chance to be the First Black President of the United States. What we got was a well articulated terrorist willing to put Americans at risk for the sake of power alone. 

There was no cogent policy to help the poor, or even create jobs. The poor got poorer and the jobless just gave up. 

Obama is America's Leon Trotsky, a Marxist Revolutionary and Theorist who was tantamount in the transfer of power to the Communist Party, much like Obama's efforts to hand power to the Progressives in the Democrat Party.

And although Trotsky lived long enough to see the Bolshevik Revolution and the Soviets rise to power, he was assassinated in 1940 in Mexico on orders from Stalin for opposing Soviet Bureaucracy. 

We will find out in the future who the real Barack Obama really is. Considering his march toward Socialism in a nation that prides itself on personal responsibility and individual success, his True Legacy will show itself for what he represented. 

An Ideologue more concerned about his place in History than the American People.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

OpEd: The FARCE of Russian Interference

theodore  M I R A L D I.

Let's be clear, the words Democrat and Patriot are moving further apart as President-Elect Trump gets closer to what the left calls the hostile Take-Over of Washington.

The Buzz word now coming from the mouths of the losers is Fake News. The same losers that used every media outlet in the country to call Trump and his supporters Racists, Bigots, Misogynists, and my favorite, Deplorables not Worthy of Redemption. What they overlooked is that Redemption requires that you believe in God, who the Democrats removed from their 2012 platform.

Still not willing to admit that Hillary Clinton was the flawed candidate for reasons that required investigations by the State Department and the Department of Justice.  Where was Main Stream Media the Watchdogs of our Freedom against Tyranny. They were publishing propaganda!

So here's the rub, where were the out of truth scribes when Obama interfered with the elections in Israel? Where were the Gatekeepers of Honesty when Harry Reid stood at the podium in Congress and told the American people that Mitt Romney was a tax cheat knowing it was a lie.

Fake News? The left so void of truth that they rely solely on propaganda, feeding their candidate questions before debates and celebrities to fake the voters into voting for their corrupt standard bearers.

And in the waning hours of government corruption, Obama who just a few days ago blamed US Intelligence Agencies for not giving him the proof regarding ISIS, has now asked them to investigate
Russian coercion with President-Elect Trump to steal the election from a Crook.

Bad Fiction at Best!

Obama and his Band of Community Organizers are beside themselves. The real racists who will allow anyone not English speaking to infiltrate our nation to cause chaos and disruption. These invaders are an easy target of emotive politics. Poor souls that need our help. But who's helping us?

The same Morons not capable of admitting that their job is to protect Americans and not Illegals in our communities. The same corrupt ideologues who believe socialism is better than a system based on personal responsibility and merit.

It's time to remove the Feed Bag from the ungrateful malcontents in our nation and help those who are suffering the most. We must uproot corruption on every level government to return our nation
to the Real Patriots, the millions who have suffered under the boot of Obama.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

OpEd: America Muscling Up

     Unknown artist 

theodore  M I R A L D I.

No more apologies or excuses to make our adversaries feel relevant. No more limping around the world in front of terrorist sympathizing states and organizations. We are entering the age of
"Mad Dog" Mattis. It couldn't come at a more dangerous time in American history.

It's time to do what you say, and say what you mean. Gone are the long winded explanations used to confuse and delay. What you see is what you get. And I for one am feeling safer already.

While the Democrats were concerned about Illegals living in the shadows, Americans too long living in silent dignity have finally come out from the obscurity. Afraid to speak out against a hostile government that controlled the actions of the nations most powerful agencies. Loud mouthed Obama carried a big stick to beat down John Q. Public. Tell those in power we've had enough, tell the world, America is Back!

Thank God for a breath of fresh air. Obama and the Democrats were suffocating the American Dream for Americans, and handing it over to anyone who could Illegally cross our borders. Refugees
getting more attention than American citizens living on the street.

The masses of unvetted malcontents are invading our towns and cities at historic rates in a deliberate effort by Obama to transform  our culture from success to failure. That was, and still is the Obama Dream passed on from his socialist father who blamed Western Culture for the ills of the under-developed world. 

The Obama administration was proud to make America look weak. After all it reflected Obama's feckless leadership style. We must have terrified the world with people like John Kerry, Jeb Johnson
Susan Rice, Hillary and Loretta Lynch, Obama's very own version of the Village People.

Peace requires strength, and right now our nation is unprepared for a worldwide conflict. I applaud the appointment of General Mattis a lifelong Marine. No-more nonsense,  you have been put on notice.

The military has always been in the forefront of expertise and excellence. It's what they teach our men and women to successfully become productive citizens.

Maybe it's time to take the kids off the streets and teach them the skills our education system refuses to be responsible for any longer. 

Reinstate the Draft!

Return our Nation to its Core Values of God, Family, Duty and Honor.