Sunday, December 4, 2016

OpEd: America Muscling Up

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theodore  M I R A L D I.

No more apologies or excuses to make our adversaries feel relevant. No more limping around the world in front of terrorist sympathizing states and organizations. We are entering the age of
"Mad Dog" Mattis. It couldn't come at a more dangerous time in American history.

It's time to do what you say, and say what you mean. Gone are the long winded explanations used to confuse and delay. What you see is what you get. And I for one am feeling safer already.

While the Democrats were concerned about Illegals living in the shadows, Americans too long living in silent dignity have finally come out from the obscurity. Afraid to speak out against a hostile government that controlled the actions of the nations most powerful agencies. Loud mouthed Obama carried a big stick to beat down John Q. Public. Tell those in power we've had enough, tell the world, America is Back!

Thank God for a breath of fresh air. Obama and the Democrats were suffocating the American Dream for Americans, and handing it over to anyone who could Illegally cross our borders. Refugees
getting more attention than American citizens living on the street.

The masses of unvetted malcontents are invading our towns and cities at historic rates in a deliberate effort by Obama to transform  our culture from success to failure. That was, and still is the Obama Dream passed on from his socialist father who blamed Western Culture for the ills of the under-developed world. 

The Obama administration was proud to make America look weak. After all it reflected Obama's feckless leadership style. We must have terrified the world with people like John Kerry, Jeb Johnson
Susan Rice, Hillary and Loretta Lynch, Obama's very own version of the Village People.

Peace requires strength, and right now our nation is unprepared for a worldwide conflict. I applaud the appointment of General Mattis a lifelong Marine. No-more nonsense,  you have been put on notice.

The military has always been in the forefront of expertise and excellence. It's what they teach our men and women to successfully become productive citizens.

Maybe it's time to take the kids off the streets and teach them the skills our education system refuses to be responsible for any longer. 

Reinstate the Draft!

Return our Nation to its Core Values of God, Family, Duty and Honor.

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