Sunday, December 11, 2016

OpEd: The FARCE of Russian Interference

theodore  M I R A L D I.

Let's be clear, the words Democrat and Patriot are moving further apart as President-Elect Trump gets closer to what the left calls the hostile Take-Over of Washington.

The Buzz word now coming from the mouths of the losers is Fake News. The same losers that used every media outlet in the country to call Trump and his supporters Racists, Bigots, Misogynists, and my favorite, Deplorables not Worthy of Redemption. What they overlooked is that Redemption requires that you believe in God, who the Democrats removed from their 2012 platform.

Still not willing to admit that Hillary Clinton was the flawed candidate for reasons that required investigations by the State Department and the Department of Justice.  Where was Main Stream Media the Watchdogs of our Freedom against Tyranny. They were publishing propaganda!

So here's the rub, where were the out of truth scribes when Obama interfered with the elections in Israel? Where were the Gatekeepers of Honesty when Harry Reid stood at the podium in Congress and told the American people that Mitt Romney was a tax cheat knowing it was a lie.

Fake News? The left so void of truth that they rely solely on propaganda, feeding their candidate questions before debates and celebrities to fake the voters into voting for their corrupt standard bearers.

And in the waning hours of government corruption, Obama who just a few days ago blamed US Intelligence Agencies for not giving him the proof regarding ISIS, has now asked them to investigate
Russian coercion with President-Elect Trump to steal the election from a Crook.

Bad Fiction at Best!

Obama and his Band of Community Organizers are beside themselves. The real racists who will allow anyone not English speaking to infiltrate our nation to cause chaos and disruption. These invaders are an easy target of emotive politics. Poor souls that need our help. But who's helping us?

The same Morons not capable of admitting that their job is to protect Americans and not Illegals in our communities. The same corrupt ideologues who believe socialism is better than a system based on personal responsibility and merit.

It's time to remove the Feed Bag from the ungrateful malcontents in our nation and help those who are suffering the most. We must uproot corruption on every level government to return our nation
to the Real Patriots, the millions who have suffered under the boot of Obama.

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