Tuesday, December 27, 2016

OpEd: Obama, The Intellectual TERRORIST


theodore  M I R A L D I.

Obama, living up to his hatred for America and its Allies continues to lay mines around the nation and World to weaken governments, deplete resources, and leave the Presidency in chaos for the incoming Trump Administration. 

Abstaining to vote on Israeli settlements is the tip of the Titanic
as it sinks into the depths of history. A man who demanded that every vote counts refused to stand with an Ally against Terrorism.

Obama, and not Radical Islamic Terrorism was the real threat to our safety and security. The difference was in the enactment of disruption from within. Any neophyte can now plainly see the negative effects of policies that take planning and implementation over a period of time. Obama is not your Fidel Castro, or Che Guevara with gun in hand, he is a cowardly man who destroys with his words. 

The gun we the people gave him was the Constitution of a Free Nation where forgiveness sometimes brings bad tiding.

Obama, a student of radicalism throughout his early years was given the chance to be the First Black President of the United States. What we got was a well articulated terrorist willing to put Americans at risk for the sake of power alone. 

There was no cogent policy to help the poor, or even create jobs. The poor got poorer and the jobless just gave up. 

Obama is America's Leon Trotsky, a Marxist Revolutionary and Theorist who was tantamount in the transfer of power to the Communist Party, much like Obama's efforts to hand power to the Progressives in the Democrat Party.

And although Trotsky lived long enough to see the Bolshevik Revolution and the Soviets rise to power, he was assassinated in 1940 in Mexico on orders from Stalin for opposing Soviet Bureaucracy. 

We will find out in the future who the real Barack Obama really is. Considering his march toward Socialism in a nation that prides itself on personal responsibility and individual success, his True Legacy will show itself for what he represented. 

An Ideologue more concerned about his place in History than the American People.

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