Sunday, January 29, 2017

OpEd: America's SOCIALIST Uprising

theodore  M I R A L D I.

'What we got here is a failure to communicate.' A great analogy for the political discourse that Americans have suffered through for the last 8 years under Obama and his prison guards. Like Captain, who ruled his prisoners through fear and punishment, the American public has suffered under the tyranny of an American Socialist government that demanded compliance, or else.

The facade of Freedom, a linchpin of socialist movements throughout history gains control through hyperbole and promises never to be realized.

We might have thought the onslaught against Western Culture may have been abated with new leadership. No so, the fury created by defeat has turned our little comrades towards violence and massive protests against an American population tired of failure.

The vitriol from the elites can only be characterized by taking the low road, the voices of contempt for fellow Americans that wish to continue this experiment of self governance and individual Freedom.

There is little to no outrage toward murderers, rapists or terrorists because they are inadvertently on the same team. The purpose of both is to destroy our way of life. Just don't ask them what they propose to change it to. These are the children of hate who revel in violence and destruction of lives and property.

What kind of American would favor strangers to their own citizens, What kind of logic destroys our children through abortion and forced ignorance. These bad actors are no longer our neighbors,
no longer our fellow workers, and for the most part a ghost to the dignity and spirit that is an American virtue.

And yet, as difficult as nearly a decade of dishonesty and visions of One World in Chaos, America again hoists the flag of Freedom from every corner, in every town for the values that have made us Great!

And to be sure, the longer the losers whine and disrupt, the louder the voices of Freedom will shout, 

U-S-A! U-S-A!

Monday, January 23, 2017

OpEd: Marches About HATE Not Rights

theodore  M I R A L D I.
Posted 1/22/2017
Although I'm a firm believer in Equal Rights, what we have just experienced by a cobbled group of Feminists, Gay Rights Groups, Abortion Rights Groups, The Entertainment Industry, Anarchist, Socialists and probably every Democrat woman who didn't vote for Trump was about HATE. 

Mind you, a vast majority of the organizations that participated have, or are now funded by George Soros.

The icing on their cake was to Ban any Pro-Life group from participating. It might have been properly called "Some Women's Rights March." The Organizers of this march had their message prominently displayed in every speech and many placards, We Hate Trump!

This March had little to do with Women's Rights. The left conjuring up some post election hate is using the abortion issue to rally women. What might on the surface looks to be a victory will soon turn sour by the appointment of a Pro-Life Supreme Court Judge. Looking into the future of the Supreme Court, we may have several more who feel Life and Liberty belongs to all of God's children,
not just Democrats.

Let's be clear, Abortion is legalized Genocide against the helpless forming fetus. Otherwise commonly accepted as the Creation of Human Life. For most of human history the act of creating life was held sacred to all but a few. Promoting secular narratives has been the linchpin to a less spiritual existence void of consequences for bad personal actors and behaviors.

As for the mis-informed and unaware younth, any form of self control is a direct attack on their newly found autonomy. It's why they are easily led by false leaders worldwide.

The right to equal pay, or free health care has little to do with what women have actually won in their valiant efforts for equality. They have won the respect necessary by a socialized community to be leaders. Abortion doesn't promote that narrative. Self Respect does.

I for one, can attest to the enormous positive effect women have played in my life at every stage. Where is the man that doesn't have unconditional love for his mother, and mourns her passing with every day of his life without her?

Woman have, and always will be the common threat that keeps human beings tethered to what's best about us. Their special qualities have turned humanity from being predatory and self interested. At least that's how it was. Like it or not, gender plays important roles in society for different reasons.

I can attest again, that any kindness and forgiveness in my behaviors come from Mom who tutored me through every initial personal experience in my life, and Spirituality that taught me life has a purpose that matters to us all.

What irks me regarding the marches is the exclusion of common sense, and the infusion of irrationality. The same irrationality offered to the American voter by the left. These marches only punctuated that the right person won, under the rules by which elect presidents.

Hating Trump isn't how I would expect my mother to react, and for that matter my sisters. Where is the Love I hear so much about from the Left. 

I suggest my fellow country men and women start looking in the mirror.

It takes those Special Qualities to Heal.

OpEd: IN with Success, OUT with FAILURE

theodore  M I R A L D I.
Posted 1/20/2017
While Trump reeks with Success, Obama and the Democrats have a long record of Failure. In a somewhat confusing turn of behavioral confusion, FAILURE seems to be what an ample amount of Americans choose time and again.

Obama Frees Terrorists and Drug Dealers.
Trump unleashing the power of Self Determination and Economic Security. 

There is no logic, or identifiable mental illness to explain this flummox.

Trump speaks about reducing Crime in the inner cities and Opportunity.

Obama and Black Leaders around the nation tell their communities to Boycott and Disrupt with Civil Disobedience.

Can you see where I'm going here.

The disunity that plagues our cities is a systemic problem again caused by Democrats. 

The Unkept Promises to parents and children, PRODUCES the ghetto mentality of those left behind for decades.

The Decadence that fills the air in the inner city can be frightening to anyone, no-one really cares about the kids. The rot from Corruption and Crime is passed from one generation to another, nearly seamless to be incorporated into the lives of its victims.

The next President wants Americans to come together. While professors in Liberal Colleges teach that White Privilege is the sole reason for their problems.

Trump tells the world don't mess with us. Obama tells our Arm Services to hide behind a rock.

Our nation will no longer be laughed at by weak adversaries. Strength of Purpose will forge a New World Community based on respect.

A New Day Begins with Leadership Built by Trump!

God Bless America!

OpEd: Press Delegitimized Hillary's Candidacy

theodore  M I R A L D I.
Posted 1/16/2017
The outrage by Democrats that Russia was the cause of Hillary's loss is ludicrous at best and just another excuse from the sore losers. Hillary Clinton's campaign spent over a Billion Dollars, had an enormous Political Machine and over 90% of the American Press on her side. The Press hid Hillary's faults much the same as they did with Obama. They provided little to no substance on important issues or analysis on how and why the nation was faltering.

And with all of her eggs in their basket, Hillary took a beating in states won by Obama. If there is anything that needs to be investigated, it's the collusion between the Media Giants and the Democrat Party. After all, they are suppose to be watching our backs and telling Us the truth. All of Us!

I've said this before, it may be time to reassess the role of the press in our nation. It's no longer protecting us from tyranny, it's causing it. 

What an enormous blow for unbias Journalism and the privilege it has been endowed with by our Constitution. What Americans painfully learned in this election, is that not only does the Democrat Party look down on Middle America, but that our Gatekeeper has been in the tank for one party for decades.

In many countries like China, Russia, Cuba and a host of nations around the world, there is no Free Press. And now it appears to be the rage of our nation as well. Fake news, or unverified lies used to vilify people and candidates is little more than Propaganda.

The Clinton campaign was doomed from the start. Accepting accolades from Obama Cronies who ran roughshod on the public created angry voters across the nation.  And those voters finally had enough! Whether you agree or not, many of Obama's appointments came out of the woodwork with little or no policy experience. Pardon my assessment, but Obama's cache of victims were the front people Speaking for You, and Our Nation.

Winning through Slander, Innuendo and False Information is not the way to run the Greatest Nation in the world. These bit players only know how to play small ball, so leaders of other nations made us look inept in every way.

Obscure figures from organizations like LaRaza and other socialist leaning groups were now running major government agencies reinventing history, and putting America's woes on the backs of the majority.

If nothing else, a Trump Administration will peel away the rot that has embedded itself within our Federal Government. As American Citizens we can finally feel the sense of optimism that drives this nation to success.

We can finally start Thinking for Ourselves Again!

OpEd: Democrats Take EVOLUTION to a New LOW

theodore  M I R A L D I.
Posted 1/14/2017
On January 20th Donald Trump will be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. This is an event celebrated by Americans since George Washington. The peaceful transfer of power between sometimes colliding forces has always for the most part been without chaos.

Not so in 2017.

The Democrats are maintaining the same vitriol that caused them to take a spanking in many Red and Blue StateS. And the band continues to play.

Let's examine the disgusting claim by Rep. John Lewis that Trump is not a 'legitimate President. ' And who exactly is John Lewis but a party hack who shills for the Democrats 365 days a year. Whether right, or wrong on the issues. God Bless John Lewis for taking a few beating for his cause, when MLK gave his life for the Unity the Democrats just won't buy into unless it's on their terms.

Where's the mention of the 3 white men killed in Mississippi from the same movement Mr. Lewis takes credit for?

Where's the ceremonies of lives lost in the Civil War, brother killing brother. And by a far majority, White Americans.

John Lewis crashes and burns with his celebrities and adoring fans. Tell the American people John, how many Americans died in the Civil War. The number is 620,000 Union and Confederate soldiers and citizen militias.

One man didn't change the spectrum of America society, and it surely wasn't John Lewis.

These hate mongers in our government have been trying to derail the Extraordinary Accomplishment of Martin Luther King Jr. The Jesse Jacksons, Elijah Cummings, and Al Sharptons were only around for the ride and since Kings death have done irreparable harm to his legacy.

King, a Godly Voice appealed to the goodness within our hearts.

Lewis talks about forgiveness, let's see whether he can walk the walk...finally.

And for the rest of those who pick confrontation over  forgiveness, the hypocrites who expect special considerations for either skin color, culture, or party. No more.

If you listen to these dysfunctional haters, they are responsible for every scientific, social and organized society that has moved the world from hunter gatherers to modern man.

The Free Ride is over.

Monday, January 9, 2017

OpEd: I HACK, You HACK, We All HACK!

theodore  M I R A L D I.

I for one am finding this hole episode regarding the HACKING Scandal somewhat amusing. The moral outrage on the left borders on hysteria. They are unhinged! Now mind you these are the same people that look for every morsel of information, true or not to destroy anyone that doesn't agree with their nonsense.

So, here's a few comparisons that illuminate the absurdity wasting ink once moe on the left.

Obama knew long before the election that hacking by agents of other governments into major government and private emails and servers was at a fever pitch. China had already hacked into OPM and retrieved information about millions of government workers in the early summer of 2015.

The U.S response...zilch!

The Russians have been Hacking into our Government Systems for decades. Obama's response regarding the possible hack long before the election was, "I told them to stop." Is that not frightening enough to make the Bear fear us once more?

Here's the idiocy of it all, it would seem that Obama has the Intelligence Community in his pocket, add to it, the Media and nearly every Agency in the Federal Government. It's now the 'you lie for me, and I'll send you a plane load of cash' methodology of government.

And somehow they think they should have won the election!

Spying on one another is government business, it gives us inside intel not available otherwise. Every nation with the capability does it. Are you astounded yet? For some reason the democrats are acting like teenagers just jilted on their very first date.

I'm silently waiting for democrats to blame the Russians for the deaths of so many celebrities this year! Oy Vey!

All nations are sneaking around hacking, spying and lying constantly to trick us and others. Paranoia supports and hones the data into Mega Intelligence Agencies filled with spooks.

Elder Bush was a spook, as was Putin. 

The posturing by both parties regarding the possible Russian hack into the DNC and Podesta emails makes our nation look stupid. Mark my words, if Hillary had won, the silence would be deafening.

Obama in his response validates the pure political nonsense once more. Now the Swamp includes our Intelligence Agencies as well.

OpEd: California, THIRD WORLD State

theodore  M I R A L D I.

What we are seeing in California is the breakdown of traditional Institutions forged and codified by laws to protect American citizens. California, always the Rogue State imposing social positions on the majority that weaken, and in the end destroy the communities it was to protect.

There are literally No-Go Zones in Southern California that even Law Enforcement will not patrol for fear of Gun Violence and Illegal Immigrant Gang Operations. Armed to the teeth, these invaders not only demand autonomy from the laws of the State and Community, but are willing to defend their turf.

We have seen the result of these types of communities, not only here, but in Major European Cities as well. Unfortunately citizens of those communities are sitting on a Powder Keg filled with Social Misfits and Criminals.

Like it, or not, the influx of any one unbridled population creates enormous problem to those citizens already there. The Tax burden necessary to provide basic services can overwhelm communities already struggling, and residents buried under debt.

One might think California rich in revenue and resources, but think again, The Golden State is turning to sand.

California is run by Governor Jerry Brown, a progressive Democrat more willing to help outsiders and law breakers than the citizens that provide the cash needed to run the State. Like the outgoing Obama Administration, Brown focuses on social issues that ultimately weaken communities from the ground up.

California is not only a Sanctuary State, it harbors criminals with weak laws that overburden the Justice system and force criminals back out on the streets.  

What we have here is a concerted effort by the Left to use Public Office to advance policies that hurt the majority. Why, one might ask? POWER and Public Funds.

There's a Revolution going on in this nation to bring our way of life to it knees. The assault is fueled and fanned by Progressives that actually think going backwards means progress.

To them Progress means more people living in poverty, more homeless on the streets, millions more on Public assistance and Food Stamps, record numbers of citizens Jobless, Murder and Violence on the rise, Massive Drug Trade and Addiction and Rape and Abuse of our children.

No, I'm not speaking about Mexico and a host of Third World nations that are barely able to provide basic necessities to their residents. California is on the precipice of Anarchy and our leaders just sit and watch. 

Just remember Joe Citizen, it only took the 10% of Russians who were Communists to rule the masses for decades, and the Progressive Left is on the march.