Monday, January 9, 2017

OpEd: California, THIRD WORLD State

theodore  M I R A L D I.

What we are seeing in California is the breakdown of traditional Institutions forged and codified by laws to protect American citizens. California, always the Rogue State imposing social positions on the majority that weaken, and in the end destroy the communities it was to protect.

There are literally No-Go Zones in Southern California that even Law Enforcement will not patrol for fear of Gun Violence and Illegal Immigrant Gang Operations. Armed to the teeth, these invaders not only demand autonomy from the laws of the State and Community, but are willing to defend their turf.

We have seen the result of these types of communities, not only here, but in Major European Cities as well. Unfortunately citizens of those communities are sitting on a Powder Keg filled with Social Misfits and Criminals.

Like it, or not, the influx of any one unbridled population creates enormous problem to those citizens already there. The Tax burden necessary to provide basic services can overwhelm communities already struggling, and residents buried under debt.

One might think California rich in revenue and resources, but think again, The Golden State is turning to sand.

California is run by Governor Jerry Brown, a progressive Democrat more willing to help outsiders and law breakers than the citizens that provide the cash needed to run the State. Like the outgoing Obama Administration, Brown focuses on social issues that ultimately weaken communities from the ground up.

California is not only a Sanctuary State, it harbors criminals with weak laws that overburden the Justice system and force criminals back out on the streets.  

What we have here is a concerted effort by the Left to use Public Office to advance policies that hurt the majority. Why, one might ask? POWER and Public Funds.

There's a Revolution going on in this nation to bring our way of life to it knees. The assault is fueled and fanned by Progressives that actually think going backwards means progress.

To them Progress means more people living in poverty, more homeless on the streets, millions more on Public assistance and Food Stamps, record numbers of citizens Jobless, Murder and Violence on the rise, Massive Drug Trade and Addiction and Rape and Abuse of our children.

No, I'm not speaking about Mexico and a host of Third World nations that are barely able to provide basic necessities to their residents. California is on the precipice of Anarchy and our leaders just sit and watch. 

Just remember Joe Citizen, it only took the 10% of Russians who were Communists to rule the masses for decades, and the Progressive Left is on the march.

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