Monday, January 23, 2017

OpEd: Democrats Take EVOLUTION to a New LOW

theodore  M I R A L D I.
Posted 1/14/2017
On January 20th Donald Trump will be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. This is an event celebrated by Americans since George Washington. The peaceful transfer of power between sometimes colliding forces has always for the most part been without chaos.

Not so in 2017.

The Democrats are maintaining the same vitriol that caused them to take a spanking in many Red and Blue StateS. And the band continues to play.

Let's examine the disgusting claim by Rep. John Lewis that Trump is not a 'legitimate President. ' And who exactly is John Lewis but a party hack who shills for the Democrats 365 days a year. Whether right, or wrong on the issues. God Bless John Lewis for taking a few beating for his cause, when MLK gave his life for the Unity the Democrats just won't buy into unless it's on their terms.

Where's the mention of the 3 white men killed in Mississippi from the same movement Mr. Lewis takes credit for?

Where's the ceremonies of lives lost in the Civil War, brother killing brother. And by a far majority, White Americans.

John Lewis crashes and burns with his celebrities and adoring fans. Tell the American people John, how many Americans died in the Civil War. The number is 620,000 Union and Confederate soldiers and citizen militias.

One man didn't change the spectrum of America society, and it surely wasn't John Lewis.

These hate mongers in our government have been trying to derail the Extraordinary Accomplishment of Martin Luther King Jr. The Jesse Jacksons, Elijah Cummings, and Al Sharptons were only around for the ride and since Kings death have done irreparable harm to his legacy.

King, a Godly Voice appealed to the goodness within our hearts.

Lewis talks about forgiveness, let's see whether he can walk the walk...finally.

And for the rest of those who pick confrontation over  forgiveness, the hypocrites who expect special considerations for either skin color, culture, or party. No more.

If you listen to these dysfunctional haters, they are responsible for every scientific, social and organized society that has moved the world from hunter gatherers to modern man.

The Free Ride is over.

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