Monday, January 9, 2017

OpEd: I HACK, You HACK, We All HACK!

theodore  M I R A L D I.

I for one am finding this hole episode regarding the HACKING Scandal somewhat amusing. The moral outrage on the left borders on hysteria. They are unhinged! Now mind you these are the same people that look for every morsel of information, true or not to destroy anyone that doesn't agree with their nonsense.

So, here's a few comparisons that illuminate the absurdity wasting ink once moe on the left.

Obama knew long before the election that hacking by agents of other governments into major government and private emails and servers was at a fever pitch. China had already hacked into OPM and retrieved information about millions of government workers in the early summer of 2015.

The U.S response...zilch!

The Russians have been Hacking into our Government Systems for decades. Obama's response regarding the possible hack long before the election was, "I told them to stop." Is that not frightening enough to make the Bear fear us once more?

Here's the idiocy of it all, it would seem that Obama has the Intelligence Community in his pocket, add to it, the Media and nearly every Agency in the Federal Government. It's now the 'you lie for me, and I'll send you a plane load of cash' methodology of government.

And somehow they think they should have won the election!

Spying on one another is government business, it gives us inside intel not available otherwise. Every nation with the capability does it. Are you astounded yet? For some reason the democrats are acting like teenagers just jilted on their very first date.

I'm silently waiting for democrats to blame the Russians for the deaths of so many celebrities this year! Oy Vey!

All nations are sneaking around hacking, spying and lying constantly to trick us and others. Paranoia supports and hones the data into Mega Intelligence Agencies filled with spooks.

Elder Bush was a spook, as was Putin. 

The posturing by both parties regarding the possible Russian hack into the DNC and Podesta emails makes our nation look stupid. Mark my words, if Hillary had won, the silence would be deafening.

Obama in his response validates the pure political nonsense once more. Now the Swamp includes our Intelligence Agencies as well.

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