Monday, January 23, 2017

OpEd: Press Delegitimized Hillary's Candidacy

theodore  M I R A L D I.
Posted 1/16/2017
The outrage by Democrats that Russia was the cause of Hillary's loss is ludicrous at best and just another excuse from the sore losers. Hillary Clinton's campaign spent over a Billion Dollars, had an enormous Political Machine and over 90% of the American Press on her side. The Press hid Hillary's faults much the same as they did with Obama. They provided little to no substance on important issues or analysis on how and why the nation was faltering.

And with all of her eggs in their basket, Hillary took a beating in states won by Obama. If there is anything that needs to be investigated, it's the collusion between the Media Giants and the Democrat Party. After all, they are suppose to be watching our backs and telling Us the truth. All of Us!

I've said this before, it may be time to reassess the role of the press in our nation. It's no longer protecting us from tyranny, it's causing it. 

What an enormous blow for unbias Journalism and the privilege it has been endowed with by our Constitution. What Americans painfully learned in this election, is that not only does the Democrat Party look down on Middle America, but that our Gatekeeper has been in the tank for one party for decades.

In many countries like China, Russia, Cuba and a host of nations around the world, there is no Free Press. And now it appears to be the rage of our nation as well. Fake news, or unverified lies used to vilify people and candidates is little more than Propaganda.

The Clinton campaign was doomed from the start. Accepting accolades from Obama Cronies who ran roughshod on the public created angry voters across the nation.  And those voters finally had enough! Whether you agree or not, many of Obama's appointments came out of the woodwork with little or no policy experience. Pardon my assessment, but Obama's cache of victims were the front people Speaking for You, and Our Nation.

Winning through Slander, Innuendo and False Information is not the way to run the Greatest Nation in the world. These bit players only know how to play small ball, so leaders of other nations made us look inept in every way.

Obscure figures from organizations like LaRaza and other socialist leaning groups were now running major government agencies reinventing history, and putting America's woes on the backs of the majority.

If nothing else, a Trump Administration will peel away the rot that has embedded itself within our Federal Government. As American Citizens we can finally feel the sense of optimism that drives this nation to success.

We can finally start Thinking for Ourselves Again!

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