Saturday, February 25, 2017


theodore  M I R A L D I.

There are a few things regarding Illegal Immigration that are troubling. The idea of Sanctuary from Federal Immigration Law is ludicrous and plain stupid. And most cogent minds would agree.

Apparently it is easy for some to mix political ideology of any face to influence how our nation has been sustained for over 240 years. Only after Reagan's Amnesty has it become a narrative driven by the Immigrants and not the citizens of our nation.

Anyone with the eyes to see, and the ears to hear realize that our nation has been over-run by Illegals which may now total somewhere between 15 and 20 million.

The fact is there are only 73 out of 216 nations that have larger populations than the total of Illegals living in the United States. The facts are plain to see. Anyone having the audacity to say that the United States is not compassionate is on the verge of insanity.

Human populations throughout history have survived, or perished on several simple facts. Belief systems, social organization, economy, common goals,  and LAWS. All of which are systems
that are necessary for cohesive communities. One of the biggest fears of any community, nation state, or nation is invasion from hostile neighbors seeking resources.

This is why a strict and adhered to Immigration Policy is Necessary for our safety.

Here are my simple suggestions to get our house in Immigration order.

1. Either Deport Law Breakers, or have them self report to INS to be photographed and finger printed with 6 months. Those who do, will not be Deported without further review and will be issued Temporary Resident ID's. Those who don't, will be moved to the front of the list for Deportation.

2. Anyone Deported after this period will be subject to 5 years in Federal Prison and Deportation after serving their sentence.

***Important Caveat: If caught re-entering the nation, all immediate family members living outside the US will be restricted from traveling to, or applying for residency for a period of 10 YEARS!

The best pressure to adhere to this policy will come from friends and family.

 3. A $10,000 fine.

 4. Verification of work and valid work permit.

 5. No Public Assistance of any kind for 5 years after reporting. 

 6. Second Generation Citizenship for Dreamers.

 7. No Citizenship for children born here by Illegal Immigrants.

 8. Pay TAXES on all money sent out of the country.

 9. After Reporting, NO arrests for any crime, Deportation for repeated offenders.

10. Must attend English Speaking Classes as proof of compliance for Temporary Resident Status.

11. No voting privileges in Local, State and Federal Elections.

What would you add to this list?

Monday, February 20, 2017

OpEd: Illegal Immigration; The LUNACY Debate

   The Real "Dreamers"

theodore  M I R A L D I.

I am the  proud descendant of Legal Immigrants. My Grandparents didn't have to live in the shadows of society, they waited in line on Ellis Island not knowing for sure whether they would be accepted into our nation.

They certainly suffered humility too numerous to illuminate. Though they never related those stories to my parents, or their grandchildren.

They were ecstatic just to land on our shores.

The rest of their lives were spent on developing successful lives, Speaking English and becoming American Citizens. It was their Dream, their Hope, and their Purpose.

My family worked in the Sweatshops of the Garment District of New York, sometimes 7 days a week, 16 hrs. a day. They hardly ever complained. They were Thankful.

My family worked in the Building Trades, carrying Bricks, Sheet-Rock and making Cement to build Homes, Schools and even Municipal Buildings in small New Jersey Towns.

They were Teachers, Public Servants and a Lawyer who became a Municipal Judge and Millionaire.

They owned Businesses, multiple Homes and Fought in WW2.

They were proud, and bent on acceptance by their adopted country, to be called Americans. They were and are American Citizens who followed the rules and were an asset to their communities.

They were a different breed, raised in successful cultures and integrated societies. They were the Immigrants responsible for building the nation during and after the horrors of World Wars.

And like every immigrant on foreign soil, they had their grievances, as all newcomers experience.

But instead of marching and demanding what others have toiled for as if entitled, the vast majority of Immigrants followed the rules and were grateful for the opportunity of a better life.

They became the backbone of a nation that asked very little, and in return changed the future and fortunes for many generations to come. 

What we are seeing today is against every proven methodology for success. Disrespecting the people and the laws that have changed the lives of millions upon millions who did their part. 

Being successful in our nation is an immigrants personal responsibility, not that of its citizens. And although, not everyone will gain fame, or fortune, it is wise to look back to the impoverished countries many have migrated from.

No matter what your outcome, you are much better off than you were before.

One must learn to Give Respect, to be Respected.

STOP Illegally Crossing our Borders!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

OpEd: Democrats Circling The DRAIN

theodore  M I R A L D I.

The Democrats have now become the Invisible Party. After 8 years of Obstructionism, Over Regulating and exploiting Race, Gender and the use of Public Bathrooms they are out of Ideas. 

Going into the Ninth Year of Counter Clockwise Rule that has created diametrically opposing views on just about every American Value. I can now announce the Party with an Ass as its mascot has committed political suicide.

This by a bunch of elites that think they know what's best for the rest of us.

And here's the proof: Under educated children, no jobs, poor economic growth, failed healthcare, no growth and massive collapse on the International Stage. And they called it progress!

Now Obama and his socialist friends have nothing to show for their wickedness. Defeated by a non-politician, who with a stroke of his pen and a phone has shoveled Obama unto the dung heap of history.

Powerless to become the fertilizer that promotes real growth.

I for one, am a little sad. Being the optimist, I always embrace positive outcomes. Obama was from the start too good to be true. I could easily believe that God has just played a mean trick on us all.
It could be the medicine needed to bring us back to reality.

The Democrats have been relegated to a bunch of squabbling adolescents yelling at just about anything. Joining forces with every special interest promoting hate and anarchy.

Marching about with signs and slogans related to failure and malaise. The disenchanted are now the disingenuous for the lack of viable answers, or alternatives.

Too tightly wound, it's masses are stuck on hatred and division, suspended on narratives that lead nowhere for no-one but themselves.

The Democrats are a Leaderless Party that opine still, over losing what they had no right to win. The hopeless drudge of the Obama Legacy left no-one unscathed or undiminished.

The Candy Man delighted in the sweetness of his Dreams while starving the rest of us with his words.

Sunday, February 12, 2017


theodore  M I R A L D I.

Of the 10 best Law Schools in the world, 6 are Liberal American Universities. From Harvard to USC, these Liberal bastions of disruption have been filling the Halls of Congress and the Presidency for decades.

No longer do we have 3 Equal Branches of Government. Far too long the activist Judges on every level of the Judiciary have put case law before legislative law. Why then, should we pass any laws at all?

Crass, Politically Appointed Judges are now Enacting Laws on every Social and Political Issue that crosses the Bench. Maybe the most egregious is Roe v Wade on Abortion, never a Legislative act, challenging a women's Right to Privacy under the Due Process Clause of the 14th Amendment. Nearly 60 Million  Aborted  American Fetuses later and we still have not accepted personal responsibility for individual acts.

The latest is the decision by the Nutty 9th Circuit Court interfering with Temporary Executive Order on National Security. Mind you, it was more important that a few elite students had to postpone trips in and out of the US, then the security of an entire nation. How mindless and self absorbed are some Americans and their purveyors of irrational thought.

No longer are laws codified for the many as long as our Legal Profession want to be Rock Stars instead. Much like the Democrat Party, pandering is far more important than policy.

The basic tenets of Law in our nation are inspired by a higher power entrenched in Justice, not the perception of Justice. Mark my words these same Judges will in the future, allow Sharia because
group acceptance has replaced Juris Prudence.

Obama ensured we will be dealing with crackpot Federal Judges for decades by stacking the courts with activists instead of Jurists.

Just remember there is no Justice without Morality. In God We Trust runs through America's heart, E Pluribus unum alludes to the union between the States and Federal Government. Not so any longer.

The prevailing methodolgy is now, 

Us Against Them!

OpEd: FAILED Methods Of America's Demise

theodore  M I R A L D I.

Overburden the social and economic systems. Stop educating the children creating generations of ignorance who turn into future voters. Divide the population into smaller warring groups vying for scarce resources.

Sow distrust for government and the Rule of Law. Promote Dissent and Public Disobedience. Propagandize political news to an irrational level to confuse the issues. Break down the separation of Powers between the Three Branches of Government. Incite the masses with vitriol and threats against
the Status Quo.

These are the basic paradigms needed to be, or become a Failed Nation.

Our National Spirit has been supported by a silent contract among our people to honor and Obey the will of our National Trust. Trust codified within our Constitution that clearly states the responsibilities of government and its citizens.

Although no system is perfect, we as a people have always entered into respectful discourse to work out our differences and make corrections. This has been the methodology of Incrementalism which is the backbone of slow and steady progress.

We are now faced with elements of the population that wish to change the course of the National Will. Some are Citizens, others Bad Actors with agendas to dissolve debate with force. and threats of violence.

Counter arguments regarding demographics and country of origin have been proven flawed, or illogical. It stands to reason that Immigrants coming from violent, disorganized countries act in
violent and disorganized ways. It is not the responsibility of our citizens to become behavioral therapists to these populations.

I applaud the efforts now being implemented to control the Illegal Invasion into our nation. No-where in our Constitution does it state we must allow everyone Access to Privilege. We are a nation of Laws that must be accepted by anyone and everyone living within our Borders. 

America has just begun to Fight Back! 

No Socialism, No Communism, No Anarchy!

Monday, February 6, 2017

OpEd: BAN The Screaming MEMES

Luke Crywalker

theodore  M I R A L D I.

Why All the Screaming and Histrionics? Have some Americans lost their minds?

You are not an American Citizen, or a Patriot if you purposely put Americans in Harms Way because your personal narrative is flawed, dysfunctional, or filled with emotional aggression.

You are not a contributing partner, or neighbor if you allow Illegals to live next door, disobey the law,  or harbor criminals that steal your jobs.

Who in their right mind would allow 15 to 20 million Illegals to roam around their neighborhood breaking laws and intimidating your friends.

Under no circumstances do you allow Refugees from hostile nations with no central governments, or vetting apparatus into your home.

In what alternate universe would racists, homophobes and bigots allow crowds of Illegals flying foreign flags chanting to overthrow the government to make it a Third World Country.

How long before Americans who follow the law, respect the Constitution and pay to house, educate, access to health care, and feed adults and their children speak out, or take action.

And they get mad when we want to take our nation back! Who are these people? 

The left lost for a reason. So enamored by the adulation of sub-culture, small closed minded groups with agendas that refuse to accept prevailing norms regarding individual freedoms. Group Think allows them from taking responsibility for themselves, or their behaviors.

Hyper Sexualized, Under Socialized and Educated by Progressive Elites that openly teach Hatred and Disunity and against National Pride.

The left promotes Excessive Behaviors by talking about unity. As if having any behavior boundaries is an affront to human existence. 

This Group Think behavior doesn't allowed people to choose for themselves and make their own decisions. When one does, you are ostracized and labeled so harshly that you may never return to the group. Resulting sometimes in loss of jobs, families and friends. Is this truly a kinder heart?

Group Identity is very important for those who are afraid to act on their own behalf. This is the modern day narrative of bullying those into submission. Fear is a powerful motivator and can be used for positive outcomes and national goals. Unfortunately it is now being used to force people into one dimensional thinking on social and political issues.

These are the same models used to produce Facism, Communism and American Socialism.

The American Public chose the path for the future. Like it or not, we are all still Americans. It is everyone's civic duty to unite and move forward even if we disagree.

 Americans Always Rises Above Evil.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

OpEd: Democrats Declare WAR On Themselves

theodore  M I R A L D I.

The Democrats are unfit to act as representatives of themselves, no less the American People and the nation. Awol in Congress to obstruct conducting our business should be reason to be removed from office. They are sabotaging government process.

They will not accept the loss of the election and beat-down throughout the nation in 3 consecutive elections. What is going on is pure theatrical hysteria by children who are suppose to be responsible to conduct themselves as leaders to do our nation's business. What has been lost to them, is why they were elected, and what is expected from their bosses...the American Public.

This is the height of irrational behavior by allowing our nation to be perceived in the world as dysfunctional and unable to rule. This puts our nation at risk! Not enough to have bad actors around the world threatening our Freedoms, but to have members of our government assisting in the upheaval just to obstruct the organization of  a new administration.

What's next from the Democrats, fist fights, wrestling on the Senate floor. This is sedition on every level to disrupt the continuity of governance.

These behaviors are common place in Third World Nations struggling to govern and always being opposed by those with socialist, or communist ideologies. Make no mistake, this has been by design from a party that has lost the ability to see the future, or deal with the past.

In the last eight years many have been victimized by policies that actually take the power away from the electorate. Willingly, Knowingly, and with Intent, the democrats have subverted the Constitution, Local, State, and Federal Laws to suit their fanatical ideologies and immoral concepts. Taking rights from some to create rights for others. And they call this Democracy. Maybe elsewhere in the world, but never here.

The Democrat party has one mission, and one mission only. To obstruct justice on every level of our society.

They perceive their moral high-ground by allowing the indiscriminate destruction of life, sexual promiscuity, same sex marriage and psychological determination of biology.

They conduct themselves as outside actors and the enemy of the American Public and their norms.

Caring more about Illegal rights, than the rights of unborn children or those suffering in poverty in our nation. More willing to protect criminals than their victims.

Aiding and abetting foreign Illegals to over-run our nation. Acting in concert with those who care only for financial enhancement at any cost. Importing violence to every town and city across the nation. Refusing to enforce the law.

These are not the actions of Patriots and citizens who respect our way of life, or our individual rights.

History has proven that these actions are by those who wish to over throw governments and societies across the globe. It means exactly the same when done here. Their is nothing romantic in destroying good to replace it with evil.