Monday, February 6, 2017

OpEd: BAN The Screaming MEMES

Luke Crywalker

theodore  M I R A L D I.

Why All the Screaming and Histrionics? Have some Americans lost their minds?

You are not an American Citizen, or a Patriot if you purposely put Americans in Harms Way because your personal narrative is flawed, dysfunctional, or filled with emotional aggression.

You are not a contributing partner, or neighbor if you allow Illegals to live next door, disobey the law,  or harbor criminals that steal your jobs.

Who in their right mind would allow 15 to 20 million Illegals to roam around their neighborhood breaking laws and intimidating your friends.

Under no circumstances do you allow Refugees from hostile nations with no central governments, or vetting apparatus into your home.

In what alternate universe would racists, homophobes and bigots allow crowds of Illegals flying foreign flags chanting to overthrow the government to make it a Third World Country.

How long before Americans who follow the law, respect the Constitution and pay to house, educate, access to health care, and feed adults and their children speak out, or take action.

And they get mad when we want to take our nation back! Who are these people? 

The left lost for a reason. So enamored by the adulation of sub-culture, small closed minded groups with agendas that refuse to accept prevailing norms regarding individual freedoms. Group Think allows them from taking responsibility for themselves, or their behaviors.

Hyper Sexualized, Under Socialized and Educated by Progressive Elites that openly teach Hatred and Disunity and against National Pride.

The left promotes Excessive Behaviors by talking about unity. As if having any behavior boundaries is an affront to human existence. 

This Group Think behavior doesn't allowed people to choose for themselves and make their own decisions. When one does, you are ostracized and labeled so harshly that you may never return to the group. Resulting sometimes in loss of jobs, families and friends. Is this truly a kinder heart?

Group Identity is very important for those who are afraid to act on their own behalf. This is the modern day narrative of bullying those into submission. Fear is a powerful motivator and can be used for positive outcomes and national goals. Unfortunately it is now being used to force people into one dimensional thinking on social and political issues.

These are the same models used to produce Facism, Communism and American Socialism.

The American Public chose the path for the future. Like it or not, we are all still Americans. It is everyone's civic duty to unite and move forward even if we disagree.

 Americans Always Rises Above Evil.

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