Thursday, February 2, 2017

OpEd: Democrats Declare WAR On Themselves

theodore  M I R A L D I.

The Democrats are unfit to act as representatives of themselves, no less the American People and the nation. Awol in Congress to obstruct conducting our business should be reason to be removed from office. They are sabotaging government process.

They will not accept the loss of the election and beat-down throughout the nation in 3 consecutive elections. What is going on is pure theatrical hysteria by children who are suppose to be responsible to conduct themselves as leaders to do our nation's business. What has been lost to them, is why they were elected, and what is expected from their bosses...the American Public.

This is the height of irrational behavior by allowing our nation to be perceived in the world as dysfunctional and unable to rule. This puts our nation at risk! Not enough to have bad actors around the world threatening our Freedoms, but to have members of our government assisting in the upheaval just to obstruct the organization of  a new administration.

What's next from the Democrats, fist fights, wrestling on the Senate floor. This is sedition on every level to disrupt the continuity of governance.

These behaviors are common place in Third World Nations struggling to govern and always being opposed by those with socialist, or communist ideologies. Make no mistake, this has been by design from a party that has lost the ability to see the future, or deal with the past.

In the last eight years many have been victimized by policies that actually take the power away from the electorate. Willingly, Knowingly, and with Intent, the democrats have subverted the Constitution, Local, State, and Federal Laws to suit their fanatical ideologies and immoral concepts. Taking rights from some to create rights for others. And they call this Democracy. Maybe elsewhere in the world, but never here.

The Democrat party has one mission, and one mission only. To obstruct justice on every level of our society.

They perceive their moral high-ground by allowing the indiscriminate destruction of life, sexual promiscuity, same sex marriage and psychological determination of biology.

They conduct themselves as outside actors and the enemy of the American Public and their norms.

Caring more about Illegal rights, than the rights of unborn children or those suffering in poverty in our nation. More willing to protect criminals than their victims.

Aiding and abetting foreign Illegals to over-run our nation. Acting in concert with those who care only for financial enhancement at any cost. Importing violence to every town and city across the nation. Refusing to enforce the law.

These are not the actions of Patriots and citizens who respect our way of life, or our individual rights.

History has proven that these actions are by those who wish to over throw governments and societies across the globe. It means exactly the same when done here. Their is nothing romantic in destroying good to replace it with evil.

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  1. Change the word Democrat to republican and you have the last 8 years of Obama's presidency.