Sunday, February 12, 2017

OpEd: FAILED Methods Of America's Demise

theodore  M I R A L D I.

Overburden the social and economic systems. Stop educating the children creating generations of ignorance who turn into future voters. Divide the population into smaller warring groups vying for scarce resources.

Sow distrust for government and the Rule of Law. Promote Dissent and Public Disobedience. Propagandize political news to an irrational level to confuse the issues. Break down the separation of Powers between the Three Branches of Government. Incite the masses with vitriol and threats against
the Status Quo.

These are the basic paradigms needed to be, or become a Failed Nation.

Our National Spirit has been supported by a silent contract among our people to honor and Obey the will of our National Trust. Trust codified within our Constitution that clearly states the responsibilities of government and its citizens.

Although no system is perfect, we as a people have always entered into respectful discourse to work out our differences and make corrections. This has been the methodology of Incrementalism which is the backbone of slow and steady progress.

We are now faced with elements of the population that wish to change the course of the National Will. Some are Citizens, others Bad Actors with agendas to dissolve debate with force. and threats of violence.

Counter arguments regarding demographics and country of origin have been proven flawed, or illogical. It stands to reason that Immigrants coming from violent, disorganized countries act in
violent and disorganized ways. It is not the responsibility of our citizens to become behavioral therapists to these populations.

I applaud the efforts now being implemented to control the Illegal Invasion into our nation. No-where in our Constitution does it state we must allow everyone Access to Privilege. We are a nation of Laws that must be accepted by anyone and everyone living within our Borders. 

America has just begun to Fight Back! 

No Socialism, No Communism, No Anarchy!

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