Monday, February 20, 2017

OpEd: Illegal Immigration; The LUNACY Debate

   The Real "Dreamers"

theodore  M I R A L D I.

I am the  proud descendant of Legal Immigrants. My Grandparents didn't have to live in the shadows of society, they waited in line on Ellis Island not knowing for sure whether they would be accepted into our nation.

They certainly suffered humility too numerous to illuminate. Though they never related those stories to my parents, or their grandchildren.

They were ecstatic just to land on our shores.

The rest of their lives were spent on developing successful lives, Speaking English and becoming American Citizens. It was their Dream, their Hope, and their Purpose.

My family worked in the Sweatshops of the Garment District of New York, sometimes 7 days a week, 16 hrs. a day. They hardly ever complained. They were Thankful.

My family worked in the Building Trades, carrying Bricks, Sheet-Rock and making Cement to build Homes, Schools and even Municipal Buildings in small New Jersey Towns.

They were Teachers, Public Servants and a Lawyer who became a Municipal Judge and Millionaire.

They owned Businesses, multiple Homes and Fought in WW2.

They were proud, and bent on acceptance by their adopted country, to be called Americans. They were and are American Citizens who followed the rules and were an asset to their communities.

They were a different breed, raised in successful cultures and integrated societies. They were the Immigrants responsible for building the nation during and after the horrors of World Wars.

And like every immigrant on foreign soil, they had their grievances, as all newcomers experience.

But instead of marching and demanding what others have toiled for as if entitled, the vast majority of Immigrants followed the rules and were grateful for the opportunity of a better life.

They became the backbone of a nation that asked very little, and in return changed the future and fortunes for many generations to come. 

What we are seeing today is against every proven methodology for success. Disrespecting the people and the laws that have changed the lives of millions upon millions who did their part. 

Being successful in our nation is an immigrants personal responsibility, not that of its citizens. And although, not everyone will gain fame, or fortune, it is wise to look back to the impoverished countries many have migrated from.

No matter what your outcome, you are much better off than you were before.

One must learn to Give Respect, to be Respected.

STOP Illegally Crossing our Borders!

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