Sunday, February 12, 2017


theodore  M I R A L D I.

Of the 10 best Law Schools in the world, 6 are Liberal American Universities. From Harvard to USC, these Liberal bastions of disruption have been filling the Halls of Congress and the Presidency for decades.

No longer do we have 3 Equal Branches of Government. Far too long the activist Judges on every level of the Judiciary have put case law before legislative law. Why then, should we pass any laws at all?

Crass, Politically Appointed Judges are now Enacting Laws on every Social and Political Issue that crosses the Bench. Maybe the most egregious is Roe v Wade on Abortion, never a Legislative act, challenging a women's Right to Privacy under the Due Process Clause of the 14th Amendment. Nearly 60 Million  Aborted  American Fetuses later and we still have not accepted personal responsibility for individual acts.

The latest is the decision by the Nutty 9th Circuit Court interfering with Temporary Executive Order on National Security. Mind you, it was more important that a few elite students had to postpone trips in and out of the US, then the security of an entire nation. How mindless and self absorbed are some Americans and their purveyors of irrational thought.

No longer are laws codified for the many as long as our Legal Profession want to be Rock Stars instead. Much like the Democrat Party, pandering is far more important than policy.

The basic tenets of Law in our nation are inspired by a higher power entrenched in Justice, not the perception of Justice. Mark my words these same Judges will in the future, allow Sharia because
group acceptance has replaced Juris Prudence.

Obama ensured we will be dealing with crackpot Federal Judges for decades by stacking the courts with activists instead of Jurists.

Just remember there is no Justice without Morality. In God We Trust runs through America's heart, E Pluribus unum alludes to the union between the States and Federal Government. Not so any longer.

The prevailing methodolgy is now, 

Us Against Them!

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