Friday, March 31, 2017

OpEd: Ryan & Republican SHAME

theodore  M I R A L D I.

I,  for one have never been more disappointed in The Republican Party. It's inept and filled with ideologues, just like that other party I frequently rant about.

What has transpired in the last few weeks regarding the Repeal and Replacement of the cancer on American Health should be sobering. How can Republicans govern our nation if the can't
rally around an issue, or piece of legislation.

Make no mistake, put the blame where it belongs on the leadership starting with Paul the loser Ryan. Trump's big mistake was to trust a man who ran a losing campaign with another slap-stick Republican Mitt Romney. Trusting a man who virtually waited until the last moment to throw his support to the man who won the nomination.

And after 7 years of the ObamaCare debacle and 60 failed attempts to repeal, the Republican Establishment has no more than a few loose ideas championed by Ryan and his career political robots.

The real partisanship that cripples Republican Unity are the Republicans themselves.

Still embedded with competing narratives so soon after the election has Republicans a little disjointed and evolving. So what's happening within the party will be shared, it's failures and its victories.

The Democrats full court press to sabotage the incoming administration is nothing less than domestic sedition. That being said, Republicans have been, and still are, acting in concert to disrupt Trump as well.

Ryan and his confederates still think they hold power over the fickle Republicans. Think again! It took the president to see and understand a defeat just having the vote, would do more damage and unmask a party in total disarray.

I do believe Paul Ryan must go. A leader must know when to play hard ball and when to schmooze.

Ryan's mixed messages helped lose an election, and now the opportunity to Repeal and Replace the Unaffordable ObamaCare fraud. 

Republicans should have constructed a Repeal and Replace Bill that would have included the entire party, passed it in the House, and then let the Democrats defeat it in the Senate. 

Unfortunately Ryan thought being surreptitious and not using the proper Senate rules and procedures he would finesse, not only the Democrats, but Republicans who had every right to be included structuring exactly what should have been passed by the House.

Ryan used his power and limited abilities to trick Trump into endorsing this fiasco. Ryan may be too clever for the good of the party.  In doing so he gave the Democrats a win. 

Thursday, March 23, 2017

OpEd: Democrats, SELF Over Patriotism

theodore  M I R A L D I.

The narrative from the Democrats is becoming exhausting. No normal citizen minds constructive banter and criticism within the National Debate. It's called the process of governing, the give and take of mindful dialog.

I fear what we are witnessing is  far less than what we need to expect from the adults in the Halls of Congress. 

And for all still able to think, the Reality Show started long before Trump.

Grandstanding Democrats literally have created a way to infect the public with false narratives by rote. We've all had someone in our lives that just can't help fibbing constantly. The Democrats have
without interruption,  spread onerous and contemptuous lies throughout the media.

The stolen Supreme Court nomination is just the latest part of their seditious tantrum being rolled out to justify their adolescent behavior. I could go on to no avail, because the Quixotic left will do what they do best, promote faulty conclusions to non-existent perceptions. 

Out of your mind conclusions have substituted logic. And we get to see and hear it nightly without fail.

Fact less fodder to bewilder the lost followers, who for 8 years rubber stamped the illusion of progress and yet, still can't figure why their lives are worse.

If you're not confused by all of this, you must live elsewhere in the Universe. This is what we have endured by allowing the weak minded to run our lives.

Democrats always take default analysis and promote its logic. Somehow, letting in the un-vetted to roam our streets is good for the nation. And of course 14-20 million Illegals make our lives better.
Or, White Privilege has created a system that the rest of us perceive as unfair. Grow Up!

Getting the Picture. First the Lies, then the Whining.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

OpEd: Rebooting America's Mindset

theodore  M I R A L D I.

The sins of the past have somehow re-surfaced in the lexicon of American language of today.

Harsh Prejudicial Labels thought lost in the scrapheap of  modern socialization have made an enormous comeback to strike a blow from those who, after all are less socialized than we might have imagined.

Individualism is no longer the golden ring, it is now Group Hysteria and all that follows irrational behaviors. We live in a world where Conformity takes precedence over Independence. 

How Dangerous this has become? 

Around the world in the seedy environs that exist today, group hysteria is common and promoted as a way to force fellow inhabitants to adhere to sometimes flawed narratives and ideologies. 

In these places Words and Labels Kill.

One case in point is North Korea, where millions march with precision like an Army of Ants doing the business of the State and not Individual Freedoms.

Unfortunately this is where our nation appears to be heading. The rise of Ignorance and Social Executions are the skills necessary to overthrow the norm, punish its adherents and establish an Ipso Facto result.

Any behavioral scientist would agree, that abhorrent group membership diminishes an individuals ability to make choices. And removing choice by force is the methodology being used in our nation today.

The Shaming, Labeling and sometimes Violent Responses demanding adherence are methods used in the dark past of many civilizations.

Some behaviors so Egregious that stereo-typing and labeling were prescribed to separate perceived threats to the common good. 

America and Americans are at the crossroad of Human Civility. Are we headed toward a world and nation of bickering children or, will we see a future built on reality and success?

The powerful Meaning of words used to mean enough to Stir the soul. 

Now the Intent of powerful words are meant to Destroy a nation.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

OpEd: The Social Evolution

theodore  M I R A L D I.

To the Anarchy loving Progressive Left, who would prefer a Socialist, or some variation of Communism listen up.

Your Anything Goes world will be destroyed.

The nation I grew up in was filled with success and relative social order. The population in large part contributed to the Common Good. Young men left home when they were adults (19-21) to make a life for themselves. No crying about staying on their parents Health Plans and White Privilege. My generation was filled with doers, not complainers.

Some made careers in the Armed Forces, learned a skill and resumed their lives raising families. Others Fought Wars they didn't start and served with distinction. Lots of my High School friends never made it home. They gave up their choices to serve our nation.

Young men and women searched for a meaningful life early on and never gave into their fears and disappointments. They read books, you know the ones made of paper, and not digital electronic screens. They weren't plugged in, so rarely were they tuned out.

And although I'm proponent of progress and modernity, I've never considered giving up individual freedoms and privacy, and still somehow calling it progress.

What troubles me are the outsiders, not just Immigrants lacking the social skills necessary to compete in our economy, but Americans lost in some bizarre narrative that warrants constant complaining and little else. You can't be against everything that has given you the opportunities that no other nation offers.

There is a segment of the population I call 'Cherry Pickers' who say they support everything and support nothing. Their convictions are solely based on their personal convenience. Whatever makes them feel good.

This narrative is most visible when talking about the founding principles of nature. Those who believe a boy is a girl, and a girl is a boy (the Lola's of our society) are directing our social conscience. This break in the elemental concepts of life itself skews logic and offers no solution to irrationality.

They live in a fictional world as poet and philosopher  Samuel Taylor Coleridge's famous quote  Explains: 
The willing Suspension of Disbelief has been defined as a willingness to suspend one's critical faculties and believe the unbelievable; sacrifice of realism and logic for the sake of enjoyment.

So where does this leave the rest of us, the real supporters of a reality that is visceral?

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

OpEd: Obama's SEDITIOUS Ways

theodore  M I R A L D I.

It's now apparent that the Obama Legacy is going to be defined by Corruption at the Highest Levels of Government. The rampart abuse of power by Operatives, Career Bureaucrats, Political Appointees, Cabinet Members and the President has had a cancerous affect on our Constitutional Republic and the lives of our Citizens.

Obama ran this nation into the ground like an Incompetent Fool with his Grandiose Manner and Ghetto Bully tactics.

And only now, after the fact are we seeing the full extent of his efforts.

If what I think will come to pass with the wiretapping allegation come to fruition, Obama and his merry men and women of Sedition with pay the ultimate price. Not only to be forgotten like a bad joke, but to be relegated to criminal investigations that alone will put Obama in his rightful historical place.

Obama has been an enormous mistake that fair minded voters, with good intentions, gave a chance. An unknown player of the political elite. Right sentiment, wrong person.

My question, is failure created by an African/American president any different than failure by any other leader?

Apparently the answer is ...YES!

Tip Toeing around Obama because of his race crippled the Media and the Public's ability to challenge his failures. A Lose, Lose situation for the nation.

Our system has no problem putting other politicians in jail for corruption. Why not anyone in the Obama Administration? It's called BULLY Politics. The same playbook used by
other minority leaders. When any and all criticism becomes Racism. This is a behavioral flaw etched into our minority communities.

Our differences will only disappear when everyone is treated equally regardless of which minority group one may belong. It has become a narrative within the left to join an appropriate group and expect special treatment.

No more is this illusion evident, as the new behavioral disorder that allows choosing your own gender identification. Have we all gone mad!

One of the key elements of human behavior is adaptability. This wonderful characteristic is embedded within our hard drive. It has allowed the human species to survive and flourish. The logical mind assumed these abilities could not be corrupted by abnormalities that would drive our norms, but it has.

I would like to think my fellow human beings are still striving to become better in every way. Falling for False Narratives, Philosophies and Ideologies are now considered Progress. A premise the Left has lost sight of. They have become instinctual in their primal responses to a world filled with anxieties.

One should always remember Violence Begets Violence. 

Government requires Linear Thinking and Planning for the future, a slow incremental process. Nothing about Obama is Linear. He always wanted instant gratification.

Obama's Intent was stated early in his presidency, to Fundamentally Change the Nation.

No-one thought that change would be between Good and Evil.

Now Obama has become openly seditious without the protection of his presidency. His cloak of protection from prosecution has evaporated. No-one believes making America better requires the constant destruction of civility and the assault on our Institutions.

No more passes for Obama's mischief. You want equal, here it comes!

The nation needs Fidelity from its Leaders. Those who broke the TRUST must be brought into the open and punished.

Monday, March 6, 2017

OpEd: Dems In The HEADLIGHTS, Bless Their LITTLE Hearts

theodore  M I R A L D I.

The party of the big hearts is on the brink of irrelevance. Fixing what ails the nation can no longer be fixed with band-aid solutions. 

It's time to think BIG! 

This nation has always been the leader of big ideas yet, unfortunately the Left thinks small and has taken to acting small as well. 

The vanquished still don't get it. You don't get to write the next page of history.

Not only can't the Democrats get over their own bickering party of childish issues and fake news, they are rudder-less from top to bottom.

It has been painful since their loss to accept the truth, about themselves and about their failed party.

The level of distrust for everyone outside the party of the big hearts is the cancer that will eventually kill them at the ballot box again. It is now bordering on Insanity!

The Democrats have become voyeurs of morality, watching every move by an enemy they once called fellow citizens. They have turned against their own family to join forces with radicals and misfits recruited by elements outside our national interests.

A mere hive of histrionics where the Queen has died a ugly death.

Battered by its own hand of corruption and dishonesty that always fails in the end.

Trump has become America's new version of the Hummer, bold and grounded. Proposing logic and industry for all.

Still driving on Low Beams because the Democrats are hiding around the corner to dismantle honest efforts and replace them with insults and disrespect.

There are Dems in the Highlights that may soon be run over. 

Bless Their Little Hearts.