Thursday, March 23, 2017

OpEd: Democrats, SELF Over Patriotism

theodore  M I R A L D I.

The narrative from the Democrats is becoming exhausting. No normal citizen minds constructive banter and criticism within the National Debate. It's called the process of governing, the give and take of mindful dialog.

I fear what we are witnessing is  far less than what we need to expect from the adults in the Halls of Congress. 

And for all still able to think, the Reality Show started long before Trump.

Grandstanding Democrats literally have created a way to infect the public with false narratives by rote. We've all had someone in our lives that just can't help fibbing constantly. The Democrats have
without interruption,  spread onerous and contemptuous lies throughout the media.

The stolen Supreme Court nomination is just the latest part of their seditious tantrum being rolled out to justify their adolescent behavior. I could go on to no avail, because the Quixotic left will do what they do best, promote faulty conclusions to non-existent perceptions. 

Out of your mind conclusions have substituted logic. And we get to see and hear it nightly without fail.

Fact less fodder to bewilder the lost followers, who for 8 years rubber stamped the illusion of progress and yet, still can't figure why their lives are worse.

If you're not confused by all of this, you must live elsewhere in the Universe. This is what we have endured by allowing the weak minded to run our lives.

Democrats always take default analysis and promote its logic. Somehow, letting in the un-vetted to roam our streets is good for the nation. And of course 14-20 million Illegals make our lives better.
Or, White Privilege has created a system that the rest of us perceive as unfair. Grow Up!

Getting the Picture. First the Lies, then the Whining.

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