Monday, March 6, 2017

OpEd: Dems In The HEADLIGHTS, Bless Their LITTLE Hearts

theodore  M I R A L D I.

The party of the big hearts is on the brink of irrelevance. Fixing what ails the nation can no longer be fixed with band-aid solutions. 

It's time to think BIG! 

This nation has always been the leader of big ideas yet, unfortunately the Left thinks small and has taken to acting small as well. 

The vanquished still don't get it. You don't get to write the next page of history.

Not only can't the Democrats get over their own bickering party of childish issues and fake news, they are rudder-less from top to bottom.

It has been painful since their loss to accept the truth, about themselves and about their failed party.

The level of distrust for everyone outside the party of the big hearts is the cancer that will eventually kill them at the ballot box again. It is now bordering on Insanity!

The Democrats have become voyeurs of morality, watching every move by an enemy they once called fellow citizens. They have turned against their own family to join forces with radicals and misfits recruited by elements outside our national interests.

A mere hive of histrionics where the Queen has died a ugly death.

Battered by its own hand of corruption and dishonesty that always fails in the end.

Trump has become America's new version of the Hummer, bold and grounded. Proposing logic and industry for all.

Still driving on Low Beams because the Democrats are hiding around the corner to dismantle honest efforts and replace them with insults and disrespect.

There are Dems in the Highlights that may soon be run over. 

Bless Their Little Hearts.

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