Friday, March 31, 2017

OpEd: Ryan & Republican SHAME

theodore  M I R A L D I.

I,  for one have never been more disappointed in The Republican Party. It's inept and filled with ideologues, just like that other party I frequently rant about.

What has transpired in the last few weeks regarding the Repeal and Replacement of the cancer on American Health should be sobering. How can Republicans govern our nation if the can't
rally around an issue, or piece of legislation.

Make no mistake, put the blame where it belongs on the leadership starting with Paul the loser Ryan. Trump's big mistake was to trust a man who ran a losing campaign with another slap-stick Republican Mitt Romney. Trusting a man who virtually waited until the last moment to throw his support to the man who won the nomination.

And after 7 years of the ObamaCare debacle and 60 failed attempts to repeal, the Republican Establishment has no more than a few loose ideas championed by Ryan and his career political robots.

The real partisanship that cripples Republican Unity are the Republicans themselves.

Still embedded with competing narratives so soon after the election has Republicans a little disjointed and evolving. So what's happening within the party will be shared, it's failures and its victories.

The Democrats full court press to sabotage the incoming administration is nothing less than domestic sedition. That being said, Republicans have been, and still are, acting in concert to disrupt Trump as well.

Ryan and his confederates still think they hold power over the fickle Republicans. Think again! It took the president to see and understand a defeat just having the vote, would do more damage and unmask a party in total disarray.

I do believe Paul Ryan must go. A leader must know when to play hard ball and when to schmooze.

Ryan's mixed messages helped lose an election, and now the opportunity to Repeal and Replace the Unaffordable ObamaCare fraud. 

Republicans should have constructed a Repeal and Replace Bill that would have included the entire party, passed it in the House, and then let the Democrats defeat it in the Senate. 

Unfortunately Ryan thought being surreptitious and not using the proper Senate rules and procedures he would finesse, not only the Democrats, but Republicans who had every right to be included structuring exactly what should have been passed by the House.

Ryan used his power and limited abilities to trick Trump into endorsing this fiasco. Ryan may be too clever for the good of the party.  In doing so he gave the Democrats a win. 

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