Sunday, April 30, 2017

OpEd: The Multi-Cultural Farce

theodore  M I R A L D I.

Culture is the guiding characteristic of every society across the globe. What may astonish many, is that merely 10% of the world lives with the positive effects of Western Society. Western Culture has tamed the savage beast, giving the individual freedom of choice and higher standards of living.

But most of all, it has given higher morality a conscience in a world ripe for disasters each and every day. It's why most Western Constitutional Democracies/Republics have incremental type governments filled with checks and balances.

Many nations take Immigrants from around the world guided by the old maxim that assimilation into the cultural norms of their adopted countries are expected. Not so any longer, and that's the heart of the problem.

In the past the only way outside invaders could hijack your community was by physical force, laying the groundwork to change the norms. Now, we gleefully invite individuals from savage nations to disrupt the public safety and destroy the rule of law.

What we are seeing today are immigrants from nations with the most dysfunctional cultures crossing our borders and disrupting our social and cultural norms.

We have seen the dramatic results in our cities, towns and communities and sit idly by contemplating the usefulness of marginal players upon an ever expanding welfare community.

And although Immigrants have contributed to our expansion and power in the past, the majority of the newly arrived care less about becoming American citizens. 

We are being raped, morally, economically and legally by a wave Immigrants bent on confrontation and bully tactics. They call Americans Racists who stand up and defend our Laws or Beliefs. 

The United States has been looked upon as the last best hope for the world, by the rest of the world.

Immigrants have been welcomed and embraced throughout our history. Those who feel they have some special privilege are wrong. We as a society give that honor to those who are deserving. 

It's time to put the bullies back in the bottle! If you're here Illegally, you have NO RIGHTS!

Thirty years ago, I said the huge influx of Immigrants from our southern border would set our nation back 40-50 years in social development. Why? The left decided that assimilation was either too much trouble for government to oversee, or the immigrants themselves had no intention of assimilation into an English speaking nation. Seeing no clear future adjustment in policy the flood gates remained open.

Americans are now seeing the truth regarding this charade from the left as merely a plan to make this nation less white, and by extension less successful. What could be more irrational than that?

I suggest anyone who still promotes the fantasy that cultures must be embraced should move their wives and children into a community filled with foreigners who disrespect our citizens and nation daily. Try getting a job, try defending your national honor.

It is apparent in cluster communities. The same communities civil rights leaders have opposed as a form of segregation. Have we learned so little, or is this a planned invasion? 

One must feel the fear of an ever growing population that wants to tear away the foundations of Western Culture. It's the very culture that offers the rest of the world hope of a better and safer life.

Diluting the power of the American Dream needs to be resisted at all costs.

The fact that there are more Non-English speaking immigrants in our nation than any time in history should be a dead give-away regarding non-assimilation.

Immigration needs to be slow and with the intent, so that anyone who wants our Freedoms must prove their allegiance to our standards of an orderly society, and not that of a nation that they are fleeing.

When you have figures like Jose Ramos spewing his hatred of White America and its values, gleeful of a possible future when Whites will become the minority, it's time to act.

Multi-Culturism is failing around the world, and it's not the first time! 

My apologies to those Immigrants who love and serve our nation, sometimes with their lives. We welcome you with open arms.

To those who insist on resistance, maybe you're in the wrong place.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

OpEd: Life Before Morality

theodore  M I R A L D I.

Throughout Antiquity the use of unbridled violence against Individuals, Communities, City States and Nations raged across the planet leaving behind pockets of power ruled by the Sword, Knife and later the Gun.

Individuals were slaughtered by marauding invaders from near and far citing ideology, or access to power and resources. This was the way human life existed. Slavery was non-discriminatory and anyone, at any given moment could be enslaved by the sheer power of others.

The Brutes, Bullies and Murderers, raped wives, daughters and even sons of the oppressed and downtrodden.  Life was tenuous at best, and if you survived, the destruction left behind only the carcasses of the dead.

This unfortunate paradigm succeeded for the few at the costs of hundreds of millions of lives that had little more than the inhale and exhale of existence.

It took humankind hundreds of thousands of years to examine these behaviors and make a valiant attempt to work together, socially, economically, and yes even politically to give a small minority of
people and countries, a life worth living.

What we are experiencing today is a return to Instinctual Type Behaviors in the most socially integrated and technologically advances societies. 

My question; Why are we just standing and watching the savagery and not wiping it off the face of the planet once more?

Like it, or not, no amount of rationalizations and logic will reverse the course of real hatred. The kind of hatred based on an idea. One idea prevalent today is Death equals Paradise, and killing anyone and everyone is how to get there.

The second oxymoron is Political Ideology which constitutes itself as Morality. The higher purpose of humanity to hate anyone that disagrees with you, Family, Friend or Neighbor.

Sometimes Common can be Exemplary like Common Sense and Shared Goals. Different, yet Alike.

The Savages are trying to make a comeback. Maybe Common Sense is too hard for some to understand. 

Saturday, April 15, 2017

OpEd: War, Aberrations & Mental Health

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theodore  M I R A L D I.

Our entire existence depends on one thing that our intelligence will never conquer... the Natural Laws of Science.

The one universal paradigm that man and his machinations will never over-come. So in our efforts to control our realities, we create lots of alternatives and call them truths.

Our world works best when all living things work in harmony as God has planned. Every creature has its purpose, small or large, intelligent or mechanical. This is where we have gone wrong. 

As the curators of this world we have lost the insight necessary to tend the flock and justify our existence.

We have replaced nurturing with destruction, somehow feeling that we have a better plan. And to many Death has become a way of Life, and proof of their existence.

Our world teeters on a solution that removes humanity from its canvas. I for one believe it's nature's way of cleansing a terminal disease that not only effects humanity, but the planet itself. And Mother Nature will swat us away to survive and flourish once more.

We may have replicated one too many times, like a copy machine low on toner. We have made our lives weak and malleable to succumb easily to the charlatans and bad actors who rely on the fictions of bad actors.

They offer use too many choices, most of which kill the spirit and confuse the soul. We know the right path, we have been there before.

What is wrong with our World is not its Natural Science of Existence, what is wrong with the World is US. 

Diluted, Misdirected and Susceptible to bright, shiny objects that inhibit a Natural Life, a Purpose and Belief in Something Greater than Ourselves.

Monday, April 10, 2017

OpEd: East MEETS West

theodore  M I R A L D I.

Is it possible that China may be a natural Ally to The United States? Are we spending too much time and energy coddling Europe and playing a stagnant game with Russian interests?  Russia, for over 100 years has been a thorn in the side of the West.

While Russian Apparatchiks continue to have their eye on Global Dominance, the Chinese have slowly been integrating themselves into the Global Economy.

China is now our largest trading partner by far. Mind you, there is plenty of room for improvement in our Trade Agreements with the Chinese, they have shown an acumen toward logic and progress. I for one, feel we are on the precipice of much closer ties with a Silent Giant that understands and respects
Real Power, and not Bluster.

The Big Difference between the Chinese, and the Russians is simple;  The Russians are stuck in the Past. The Chinese are well invested in the Future.

So much like Nixon's historic visit to China, Xi Jinping's visit to meet Trump may yield enormous benefits for the American Economy and World Stability.

After years working with the Chinese to build a World Economy with special trade agreements, the time has come to even the Trade field. The Chinese have always played the long game, unlike the impatient Russians always seeking to be relevant, when slow incremental growth would have served them better.

We have also learned that the Russians can not be trusted partners over extended periods of time. It took over 70 years to dismantle the horror of Eastern Europe, and a Cold War that nearly ended in Nuclear War. Let us not forget the Berlin Wall.

What we have witnessed with China is the ability to change and adjust. They are heavily invested in the United States maintaining its economic engine and strategic capabilities around the world.

It may be time to recognize China's achievements and move toward a more stable world by partnering with the Chinese.

The Economic and Strategic Military balance of the world is in the hands of the United States and China. Together we can build a better world.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

OpEd: Emotionalism, DEMOBRATS Inane Narrative

theodore  M I R A L D I.
Reposted 9/15/2018

I experience it nearly every single day. Any mention of Trump, Immigration, Obama, Clinton or anything anti-democrat, or logical analysis, turns into an all out verbal assault ending in outrageous labeling and sometimes threats of physical violence.

This is what has become the defining factors in any, and all discussions from the streets of New York City to the Halls of Government. Americans lose their bellies when challenged with alternate facts.

Never in my life have I met anyone that was always right on target on all subjects. After all,  many of the facts we claim are gotten from others. What seems to be lost is the ability to have an open civilized dialog, negotiation and settlement, based on agreement to which facts are relevant to any particular issue.

As Merriam Webster describes Emotion;  a conscious mental reaction (as anger or fear) subjectively experienced as strong feeling usually directed toward a specific object and typically accompanied by physiological and behavioral changes in the body.

Instinctual in nature, emotion has always been the wild card of interpersonal relations necessary to resolve simple and complex problems. Emotion is a symptom and not a solution. 

What we are experiencing is an alarming reliance on emotion to guide fundamental core issues and beliefs. Although emotion may be a driving force for positive change, it can not rule analysis, or agreement.

Relying on the hyper-emotional assessments of any issue blurs the truth and makes all things subjective. This may work in our personal relations with friends and family, but it is surely disastrous when dealing with whole communities and national policies.

Most of us learn from an early age that emotions can create a narrative that is untrustworthy and pieced together by unrelated facts.

It is no wonder that the greatest minds the world has experienced are void of Emotionalism as a solution. What sane and cogent mind would assess, that calling your neighbor a multitudinous amount of insulting names would lead to a positive outcome.

Sounds more like Insanity than Solution.

The Hyper-Ventilators need to control their emotions and assume the posture of Logical, Social Mechanics, where every issue is vital to success.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

OpEd: Americans LEANING Toward EVIL

theodore  M I R A L D I.

People are so far removed from the nexus between Good, Not So Good, and Leaning Toward Evil.

There are endless rationales today of why throwing the baby out with the bath water is appropriate in culture and society.

Never mind the centuries of progress human beings have attained by adhering to few core values and behaviors.

Like it, or not Western Cultures are more successful because of these core values. Mind you, there is always a corrosive narrative by the sub-cultures that are trying to gain power by destroying norms.

The unfiltered and vicious narratives attacking others who may disagree has become epidemic in proportion and frequency. no longer is it acceptable to offer alternatives and solutions to issues.

The Screaming MeMes just won't have it!

The behaviors appear to be more like insect communication where a central command is released and the group just follows, no questions asked.

These anomalies were tolerated when scattered among the few, the real problem exists within the ruling elite and government.

Whole agencies working as political operatives. Institutions that require the Public Trust have become a cesspool of propaganda, lashing out at all who will not follow the party line. Actually punishing Americans who still believe that government works for the people. Now, unfortunately only selected groups of the people.

After 8 years of unchallenged edicts, rules and regulations those who bought into the darker side of human interaction aren't taking any prisoners. No one is off the field of their disdain.

How can things go so wrong?

In an effort to be inclusive by accepting behaviors that have long been frowned upon and codified within our Civil and Criminal Codes, we have opened the flood gate of Evil. I could name numerous personal characteristics displayed by those who are adherents of Leaning Toward Evil.

Ideoloques, Zealots, Ethno-Centrics, Fanatics and those who don't respect Life are just a few. In an age where exposing the seedy side of life delivers Friends and Tweets, the weaker souls among us
lack integrity and personal responsibility for themselves, find it easy to take their abuse to the next level, maligning others.

And That's Not So Good for the individual or the community.
We are in a world where building Walls makes more sense than building Trust. 

Respect me and I'll respect you. Simple code, seems nearly impossible at present.

What reasonable person could trust Evil?