Sunday, April 2, 2017

OpEd: Americans LEANING Toward EVIL

theodore  M I R A L D I.

People are so far removed from the nexus between Good, Not So Good, and Leaning Toward Evil.

There are endless rationales today of why throwing the baby out with the bath water is appropriate in culture and society.

Never mind the centuries of progress human beings have attained by adhering to few core values and behaviors.

Like it, or not Western Cultures are more successful because of these core values. Mind you, there is always a corrosive narrative by the sub-cultures that are trying to gain power by destroying norms.

The unfiltered and vicious narratives attacking others who may disagree has become epidemic in proportion and frequency. no longer is it acceptable to offer alternatives and solutions to issues.

The Screaming MeMes just won't have it!

The behaviors appear to be more like insect communication where a central command is released and the group just follows, no questions asked.

These anomalies were tolerated when scattered among the few, the real problem exists within the ruling elite and government.

Whole agencies working as political operatives. Institutions that require the Public Trust have become a cesspool of propaganda, lashing out at all who will not follow the party line. Actually punishing Americans who still believe that government works for the people. Now, unfortunately only selected groups of the people.

After 8 years of unchallenged edicts, rules and regulations those who bought into the darker side of human interaction aren't taking any prisoners. No one is off the field of their disdain.

How can things go so wrong?

In an effort to be inclusive by accepting behaviors that have long been frowned upon and codified within our Civil and Criminal Codes, we have opened the flood gate of Evil. I could name numerous personal characteristics displayed by those who are adherents of Leaning Toward Evil.

Ideoloques, Zealots, Ethno-Centrics, Fanatics and those who don't respect Life are just a few. In an age where exposing the seedy side of life delivers Friends and Tweets, the weaker souls among us
lack integrity and personal responsibility for themselves, find it easy to take their abuse to the next level, maligning others.

And That's Not So Good for the individual or the community.
We are in a world where building Walls makes more sense than building Trust. 

Respect me and I'll respect you. Simple code, seems nearly impossible at present.

What reasonable person could trust Evil? 

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