Monday, April 10, 2017

OpEd: East MEETS West

theodore  M I R A L D I.

Is it possible that China may be a natural Ally to The United States? Are we spending too much time and energy coddling Europe and playing a stagnant game with Russian interests?  Russia, for over 100 years has been a thorn in the side of the West.

While Russian Apparatchiks continue to have their eye on Global Dominance, the Chinese have slowly been integrating themselves into the Global Economy.

China is now our largest trading partner by far. Mind you, there is plenty of room for improvement in our Trade Agreements with the Chinese, they have shown an acumen toward logic and progress. I for one, feel we are on the precipice of much closer ties with a Silent Giant that understands and respects
Real Power, and not Bluster.

The Big Difference between the Chinese, and the Russians is simple;  The Russians are stuck in the Past. The Chinese are well invested in the Future.

So much like Nixon's historic visit to China, Xi Jinping's visit to meet Trump may yield enormous benefits for the American Economy and World Stability.

After years working with the Chinese to build a World Economy with special trade agreements, the time has come to even the Trade field. The Chinese have always played the long game, unlike the impatient Russians always seeking to be relevant, when slow incremental growth would have served them better.

We have also learned that the Russians can not be trusted partners over extended periods of time. It took over 70 years to dismantle the horror of Eastern Europe, and a Cold War that nearly ended in Nuclear War. Let us not forget the Berlin Wall.

What we have witnessed with China is the ability to change and adjust. They are heavily invested in the United States maintaining its economic engine and strategic capabilities around the world.

It may be time to recognize China's achievements and move toward a more stable world by partnering with the Chinese.

The Economic and Strategic Military balance of the world is in the hands of the United States and China. Together we can build a better world.

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