Sunday, April 30, 2017

OpEd: The Multi-Cultural Farce

theodore  M I R A L D I.

Culture is the guiding characteristic of every society across the globe. What may astonish many, is that merely 10% of the world lives with the positive effects of Western Society. Western Culture has tamed the savage beast, giving the individual freedom of choice and higher standards of living.

But most of all, it has given higher morality a conscience in a world ripe for disasters each and every day. It's why most Western Constitutional Democracies/Republics have incremental type governments filled with checks and balances.

Many nations take Immigrants from around the world guided by the old maxim that assimilation into the cultural norms of their adopted countries are expected. Not so any longer, and that's the heart of the problem.

In the past the only way outside invaders could hijack your community was by physical force, laying the groundwork to change the norms. Now, we gleefully invite individuals from savage nations to disrupt the public safety and destroy the rule of law.

What we are seeing today are immigrants from nations with the most dysfunctional cultures crossing our borders and disrupting our social and cultural norms.

We have seen the dramatic results in our cities, towns and communities and sit idly by contemplating the usefulness of marginal players upon an ever expanding welfare community.

And although Immigrants have contributed to our expansion and power in the past, the majority of the newly arrived care less about becoming American citizens. 

We are being raped, morally, economically and legally by a wave Immigrants bent on confrontation and bully tactics. They call Americans Racists who stand up and defend our Laws or Beliefs. 

The United States has been looked upon as the last best hope for the world, by the rest of the world.

Immigrants have been welcomed and embraced throughout our history. Those who feel they have some special privilege are wrong. We as a society give that honor to those who are deserving. 

It's time to put the bullies back in the bottle! If you're here Illegally, you have NO RIGHTS!

Thirty years ago, I said the huge influx of Immigrants from our southern border would set our nation back 40-50 years in social development. Why? The left decided that assimilation was either too much trouble for government to oversee, or the immigrants themselves had no intention of assimilation into an English speaking nation. Seeing no clear future adjustment in policy the flood gates remained open.

Americans are now seeing the truth regarding this charade from the left as merely a plan to make this nation less white, and by extension less successful. What could be more irrational than that?

I suggest anyone who still promotes the fantasy that cultures must be embraced should move their wives and children into a community filled with foreigners who disrespect our citizens and nation daily. Try getting a job, try defending your national honor.

It is apparent in cluster communities. The same communities civil rights leaders have opposed as a form of segregation. Have we learned so little, or is this a planned invasion? 

One must feel the fear of an ever growing population that wants to tear away the foundations of Western Culture. It's the very culture that offers the rest of the world hope of a better and safer life.

Diluting the power of the American Dream needs to be resisted at all costs.

The fact that there are more Non-English speaking immigrants in our nation than any time in history should be a dead give-away regarding non-assimilation.

Immigration needs to be slow and with the intent, so that anyone who wants our Freedoms must prove their allegiance to our standards of an orderly society, and not that of a nation that they are fleeing.

When you have figures like Jose Ramos spewing his hatred of White America and its values, gleeful of a possible future when Whites will become the minority, it's time to act.

Multi-Culturism is failing around the world, and it's not the first time! 

My apologies to those Immigrants who love and serve our nation, sometimes with their lives. We welcome you with open arms.

To those who insist on resistance, maybe you're in the wrong place.

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