Saturday, April 15, 2017

OpEd: War, Aberrations & Mental Health

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theodore  M I R A L D I.

Our entire existence depends on one thing that our intelligence will never conquer... the Natural Laws of Science.

The one universal paradigm that man and his machinations will never over-come. So in our efforts to control our realities, we create lots of alternatives and call them truths.

Our world works best when all living things work in harmony as God has planned. Every creature has its purpose, small or large, intelligent or mechanical. This is where we have gone wrong. 

As the curators of this world we have lost the insight necessary to tend the flock and justify our existence.

We have replaced nurturing with destruction, somehow feeling that we have a better plan. And to many Death has become a way of Life, and proof of their existence.

Our world teeters on a solution that removes humanity from its canvas. I for one believe it's nature's way of cleansing a terminal disease that not only effects humanity, but the planet itself. And Mother Nature will swat us away to survive and flourish once more.

We may have replicated one too many times, like a copy machine low on toner. We have made our lives weak and malleable to succumb easily to the charlatans and bad actors who rely on the fictions of bad actors.

They offer use too many choices, most of which kill the spirit and confuse the soul. We know the right path, we have been there before.

What is wrong with our World is not its Natural Science of Existence, what is wrong with the World is US. 

Diluted, Misdirected and Susceptible to bright, shiny objects that inhibit a Natural Life, a Purpose and Belief in Something Greater than Ourselves.


  1. Most excellent! And totally accurate!

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