Saturday, May 27, 2017

OpEd: Kill My TRIBE. I'll KILL Yours

theodore  M I R A L D I.

We are witnessing the Fall of Rome again, Western Culture is under Seige. And yes, there are Barbarians at the Gate trying to smash the engine that feeds the mind of invention, and the mind of hatred.

It is a human dysfunction to blame success on the failure of others. The victims getting revenge for modernity, fast cars and 7 course meals. What's sad is we all want the same things in life. A job, a roof over our heads, food on the table and people around you to love. No longer are these qualities of life important. Now, we size our lives up on the Web, Iphones, Tablets, and through Fake News.

Nearly every successful Culture has been faced with destruction by the have nots. The Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and others Western Nation States. 

But it doesn't stop at the walls of the West. The Chinese built the Great Wall  to protect them against the Mongolians. Unfortunately this is still a dog eat dog world. Mano e mano and all the rationalizations regarding human behaviors has become more fodder for the evil doers.

 Making excuses for the things that define the severity of our evils is killing us. Thinking we can turn every murderer into a priest is nothing more than a way to hide the truth.

Maybe FDR just needed to sit down with Hitler and WW2 could have been averted. Maybe Mao just needed a good talking to, and millions of Chinese would still be alive.  And Stalin just could get an appointment with a therapist, so he killed millions instead.

The battle the world now faces has been created by the likes of the victims, as it was in the past. Although it frightens us, after Cane killed Abel the world endured and survived.

It all comes full circle. Tribal Behaviors are making a comeback. Success of your Tribe requires it to Win and not Lose. There are no fancy psychological explanations to its members.

So sharpen your swords, the Barbarians are at the Gate once more! 

Saturday, May 20, 2017

OpEd: Democrats; STATE Gives Rights, Not GOD

theodore  M I R A L D I.

Are we being led down the road of destruction by forces more interested in self validation than belief in a Higher Power? If you're a progressive, the answer is YES!

Ignoring the awesome fact of a Universe filled with life, and something or some-one has had a hand in it, denies our very existence. A simple logic. The Big Bang is Theoretical. Life IS.

Our nation's nexus was guided by a human effort to fulfill a greater purpose. A Morality that shed the Instinctual wants of a Temple of Flesh. A vessel to hold the Essence of Life. A perishable body with an expiration date. This was purposeful, to stop humankind from acting like our Creator.

Regardless of our extensive abilities. we create nothing. All that is known has been given.

Even the wandering dreamers of this world attach the gifts they possess to something beyond the comprehension of our Matter, and not fact. Our Vision of Truth is Myopic, no Omnipotent.

So, to those who feel higher, mightier and without the basic foundation of Faith, remember it when you leave this world. The suffering you cause to righteous people are crimes against GOD.

So important to our Founding Fathers that GOD is immortalized throughout our Bill of Rights and Constitution. This by men and women who loved, suffered and died for something greater than themselves.

So to all of you Pseudo-Scientists, what knowledge have you created without GOD'S Hand?

The point being, the further we stray from the truth that our senses illuminate, and our minds may facilitate, come from the greater power that the Left says does not exist.

Mankind has traveled this road before, littered with lost souls throughout Human History. Life itself frees us from a greater being as a test against the failures of our self.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

OpEd: America's Civil REVOLUTION Against THOUGHT

Image result for THOUGHT control

theodore  M I R A L D I.

If it hadn't occurred to you as yet, a wide swath of Americans. card carrying Ideologues and the Media have demanded you to stop thinking for yourself! Beware if you resist! They will lay you to waste with words and actions you may not be able to overcome.

The mindless millions who believe Fake News are pinned to their electronic devices for most of the day. The integral part of self determination requires a person to think for themselves, analyze the variables, put them into context and make decisions.  No longer, they want to make decisions for you. 

There has been a revolution in technology, that allows the lazy mind to flourish. You are being Programmed, like it or not.

There are numerous examples throughout history about dumbing down the population. Keeping the ignorant clueless. My best case example happened right here in the South with Slavery,  breaking up families by any means necessary is the methodology still used today promoted by Government programs that promise to liberate. So the farce continues.

Taking control of your life is about self determination, not about making someone else pay for the past, or future because you're incapable of thinking for yourself. 

Just be reasonable, look at our inner cities where children aren't learning the core values to success.

They are taught to resist authority at all costs. they want the government to get them what they want, but won't respect the law. They are taught nothing useful for adults looking for upward mobility, so they continue to scam the system.

It's why Americans are fighting with each other. Fighting ignorance when so many are lacking the tools to think. Reaction replacing logic. It's why we are seeing so much violence and very little fixing our failed educational system.

As I have stated in previous editorials, this form of Propaganda is done with intent Their purpose is power. The general population are just pawns to their higher morality incongruous to individual rights, or the pursuit of happiness. Not only is this the actualization of Big Brother, it's in opposition to the very creation of this nation.

Trying to overthrow our way of life by making the rest of us feel shame for having thoughts and opinions of our own. Either you buy into their narrative, or else.

This UnCivil War takes no prisoners and will destroy your ability to Think.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

OpEd: Abortion & Immigration DESTROYING the Middle Class

theodore  M I R A L D I.

Since the creation of Fake Laws, such as Roe v Wade and numerous others that forced their way into our nation's Cultural norms, not through Legislation, but by the nafarious challenges to the Constitution and resulting case law.

Since 1973 to the present  59,115,995 have been performed under this insidious Constitutional challenge of the 14th Amendment. 

That's nearly 60 MILLION Americans who would have been part of the American workforce. Like it, or not we as a nation have allowed this singular issue to damage the delicate balance necessary to insure each generation will have opportunities for employment as part of their National Heritage through normal growth predictions.

The Party of Social Issues apparently never thinks about the rest of us while damaging the natural balance of procreation against real socio-economic needs.

That's 1,374,790.58 abortions per year. Compare that to Legal Immigration during that same period of  31, 621,000 million and we have a deficit 27,494,995 people over this same period of time.

This one issue has destroyed the availability of jobs for children of Middle Class Families just getting started in first job opportunities. This has been a windfall for both Business seeking cheap labor and political strategists looking to influence lopsided voter registrations favoring the Left.

Roe v Wade on its own unscrupulous merit kick started the invasion of Illegal Immigration and lower wages for Americans. How is that in our Nation's Interest. It's not, anyone telling you otherwise is lost in Ideology and irrational assumptions.

Since class is determined by several important variables, income is most important. This nation has thrived on individual determination and merit to become upwardly mobile. Flooding the work market with Immigrants legal and otherwise has been self inflicted and fully supported by Progressives who care little about economics.

Allowing this to continue shows the real intent of those who wish to destroy opportunities for American Citizens in favor of uneducated and poorly socialized Immigrants from violent nations.

How many of those lost lives would have been Teachers, Officers of the Law and tyhe myriad of other occupations that fill the needs of our nation.

As the Middle Class disappears it will be filled with the poor, setting up the same losing demographics we see in failing Nations, Cities, and States.

Sources: National Right to Life Committee, 2017, Department of Homeland Security, Persons Obtaining Lawful Permanent Resident Status: Fiscal Years 1820 to 2015