Wednesday, May 10, 2017

OpEd: Abortion & Immigration DESTROYING the Middle Class

theodore  M I R A L D I.

Since the creation of Fake Laws, such as Roe v Wade and numerous others that forced their way into our nation's Cultural norms, not through Legislation, but by the nafarious challenges to the Constitution and resulting case law.

Since 1973 to the present  59,115,995 have been performed under this insidious Constitutional challenge of the 14th Amendment. 

That's nearly 60 MILLION Americans who would have been part of the American workforce. Like it, or not we as a nation have allowed this singular issue to damage the delicate balance necessary to insure each generation will have opportunities for employment as part of their National Heritage through normal growth predictions.

The Party of Social Issues apparently never thinks about the rest of us while damaging the natural balance of procreation against real socio-economic needs.

That's 1,374,790.58 abortions per year. Compare that to Legal Immigration during that same period of  31, 621,000 million and we have a deficit 27,494,995 people over this same period of time.

This one issue has destroyed the availability of jobs for children of Middle Class Families just getting started in first job opportunities. This has been a windfall for both Business seeking cheap labor and political strategists looking to influence lopsided voter registrations favoring the Left.

Roe v Wade on its own unscrupulous merit kick started the invasion of Illegal Immigration and lower wages for Americans. How is that in our Nation's Interest. It's not, anyone telling you otherwise is lost in Ideology and irrational assumptions.

Since class is determined by several important variables, income is most important. This nation has thrived on individual determination and merit to become upwardly mobile. Flooding the work market with Immigrants legal and otherwise has been self inflicted and fully supported by Progressives who care little about economics.

Allowing this to continue shows the real intent of those who wish to destroy opportunities for American Citizens in favor of uneducated and poorly socialized Immigrants from violent nations.

How many of those lost lives would have been Teachers, Officers of the Law and tyhe myriad of other occupations that fill the needs of our nation.

As the Middle Class disappears it will be filled with the poor, setting up the same losing demographics we see in failing Nations, Cities, and States.

Sources: National Right to Life Committee, 2017, Department of Homeland Security, Persons Obtaining Lawful Permanent Resident Status: Fiscal Years 1820 to 2015

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