Thursday, June 29, 2017

OpEd: ILLEGAL Immigration a Matter of SOVEREIGNTY

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theodore  M I R A L D I.

Citizens have rights that do not apply to just anyone. No-where in our Constitution does it say living in this country is the right of ALL HUMANITY, from any part of the world. Just being here is a privilege given by our nation to those most deserving, and those who will make this nation greater.

The inscription on the Statue of Liberty is a false invitation to any who think we must allow everyone, under any circumstance, the opportunities that others have worked so hard to create and maintain.

We are a nation of Laws, a society of many Beliefs and Customs that are duly respected and protected by our laws. 

Yet, our laws guarantee that American citizens, those born on our soil and those who have earned our acceptance through their assimilation, must always come first in the eyes of Local, State and Federal Agencies.

And to those who come uninvited, and openly disrespect our citizens by resisting the Rule of  Law need to step quietly, and request the kindness of our nation with humility.

To those who profess resistance based on some Human Right, or Right of Passage by some outside authority, I suggest repatriating yourself to the nation of your origin. There is no guarantee that we will allow you to stay. Subversion will no longer be tolerated.

Our nation has the most generous Immigration Policy of any nation on this planet. Millions arrive here each and every year legally and fulfill the obligations necessary to stay and eventually join the Freedoms given to our Family of Legal residents.

The wholesale Invasion constituted and allowed by members of both parties were against Federal Laws written and codified in both our Constitution and Legislative bodies. Those who have allowed this overwhelming flood of poor, uneducated, and sometimes aggressive Anti-American Actors need to be silenced.  

The Multi-Culture Experiment is over! It hasn't worked and is diluting the strengths that make this nation great. Our continued success requires us to strengthen our core values and insist upon acceptance by any and all who arrive.

In case you haven't noticed, One Way Multi-Culturism is a farce made up by those with hidden agendas. Let's see what would happen if 20 million French citizens move to Saudi-Arabia and demanded rights only given to its citizens.

The notion we are all Immigrants is sentimentality at best. As proven by the situation in Europe some communities will not abide by the Customs and Beliefs of their host nations causing chaos and fear.

Patriotic Americans from every social and cultural strata have shown kindness to those who have willingly broken our laws and sometimes harmed our citizens. We are the ones who decide who stays and who must go. Now that you have had a taste of Freedom, bring that knowledge back home and teach others that,

Freedom has a cost. Duty, Honor  and Respect for the Law makes Civilization. 

Monday, June 26, 2017

OpEd: SCANDALS, Turnabout is FAIR PLAY

theodore  M I R A L D I.

After nearly a year of investigations within seven committees, by numerous present and former Administration officials, the only proven crime is the unmasking  the names of private citizens by
former Obama officials that were then leaked.

At no time, after possibly thousands of documents and testimony has anyone, or agency of the government come forward with one piece of actionable evidence regarding Collusion, or Obstruction of Justice by the Trump Administration.

What is troubling and needs to be investigated are the actions of Obama Cronies who willingly and with intent Colluded with the DNC and Democrat Leaders to subvert the Trump Administration with Innuendo and Slanderous Lies.

And that's not all!

Hillary Clinton was under Criminal Investigation by the DOJ and the FBI. It is apparent that both Loretta Lynch and FBI Director Comey acted to subvert the investigation. No Special Counsel, No Grand Jury. 

It won't be hard to follow the dots that lead directly back to Obama, Eric Holder, Susan Rice and Loretta Lynch as the saboteurs of American Justice. 

What Obama actually accomplished was to pollute the Institutions to destroy Public Trust. Can anyone say that they trust the IRS, DOJ, EPA, VA, FBI and mostly the Democrat Party?

This subversion has been calculated and with intent to weaken our nation.

Mind you, it only took months to appoint a Special Counsel on frivolous charges of Collusion with the Russians to interfere with the 2016 Election against a sitting president.

Yet after miles of documents that pointed at  theClinton Campaign, the Dept of Justice, the DNC, and Obama, no one at the DOJ asked for a Grand Jury, or Special Counsel. After the most scandal ridden administration in American History no-one was ever dismissed from their job, or prosecuted for
Illegal actions.

It's time to purge our government and nation of the saboteurs who for all the evidence have gotten away with Sedition. It's what happens when you have those who prefer to act as victims access to American Power and Resources..

$10 Trillion Dollars later our nation is reeling from the incompetence of those who should have never ruled.

The months and years to come will vindicate the Institutions as sound while the players acted with malice toward their own countrymen and women.

Why did Obama do nothing when he heard about the Russian hacking? He was sure Hillary Clinton would be the next President. 

The deck was stacked by the Socialists who have no ability to fix the problems they have created.

OpEd: A New Era of POST SANITY

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theodore  M I R A L D I.

For quite some time I have been writing about the devolution of American Social Norms and Individual Behaviors. Most importantly, the lack of self responsibility.  

These are not new concepts from the slow creep of poorly reared children and the enormous influx of Foreign Speaking Immigrants. The largest Non-English speaking population in our nations' history. 

A salient population not only can identify where we have gone astray, but what measures are needed to correct an enormous crack in a methodology based on positive outcomes.

To those who refuse to have an open dialog, or stop others from thinking and speaking their mind, maybe you are the problem, not our new neighbors and friends. Fear of the truth is what is rendering the Left no more than a crowd of fools. They have no real positions, no viable solutions.

There are those in our nation who are no longer looking for those positive outcomes, because any trade-off, no matter the cause and effect will not be tolerated. 

So in their personal journey to be relevant to their slice of America, and under the guise of Free Speech and Freedom they are destroying the Trust of our Institutions and between its Citizens.

Only then can they accomplish Destroying our Will.

The real problem with the Left is the lack of answers, that if enacted would render an opposing narrative less important. Lifting some, while bringing down others is more about bad logic, or just stupidity. 

Not being able to tolerate dissent and other opinions denotes a stage of adolescence only seen in Stage 4 of Piaget's (4 Stages of Intellectual and Cognitive Development).  

What appears to be happening across the board is an interruption of this Stage 4 period. And although Piaget believed in Lifelong Intellectual Development, he believed the Formal Stage was the Final Stage of cognizance, and without its full employment those affected tend to make bad decisions.

The fact that many on the Left are using hate to fight logic shows just how crippled many in our population truly are. These feel good, emotive paradigms are flawed from the start. A cogent individual amasses data points and intellectualizes using logic. 

America no longer  teaches logic to the young, computers do the work. A.I. is making human interaction and experience obsolete.

As a result, Decision Making is Flawed.

Welcome to the Era of POST SANITY.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

OpEd: The Left's WEAPONIZING Words

theodore  M I R A L D I.

Edited)( 6/14/17
Spreading Hatred Creates Violence. It's time to shut down the evil lurking in our nation. There are many who have been WEAKENED by the constant onslaught by the media and those who want revenge for the wrong reasons. After all, we are all Americans who under normal circumstance make peace. It shields us from a violent outside world. No longer do we need the vitriol and classless behaviors we are seeing and hearing from those in power. The utter disrespect for those who are not in agreement has turned to violence to settle their grievances. This is not the American Way.

We have stood by and watched as outsiders bring their violence here and pollute young and old. We have had enough dead children, mass shootings and random violence against all.

As if sanity were a dirty word, the ruling class of democrats have developed a quazi-rationality that is based on negatives.  Their Mantra, No-one of their world  does things for the right reasons, so why should we, runs through the veins of the NEW LEFT. 

Victimization makes people Mentally Incompatible and easy to control.

Is it rational to judge others and profess Kindness, Understanding, and Forgiveness? Does it make us a better community creating incompatible people to roam our streets exposing themselves and others to bad encounters and vile responses?

Does complaining about Inner Cities and Education really matter, when the powers that be are responsible for the continuation of Failure?

Confront any Liberal with Logic, or linear thinking and they fall off into uncontrollable vitriol. How could anyone defend failure of policy with emotive out bursts and little else? 

When the Left confronts its own failings in an honest and constructive way, maybe we can all sit down and solve problems.

I'm hopeful that the real hatred that has existed under the cloak of individual rights actually applies to all individuals. The right to be sheltered from those who wish to prey on the weak and helpless.

Somehow Righteousness, Morality, Integrity and Honor have become the plague of human behavior. so many would like us to think.

The Left's reality show existence only has power to those who agree with the narrative whether it's honest or not. We should all be well educated to the use of Cognitive Dissonance, it has become the Left's playbook by using insidious promises to those in need to gain credibility against their perceived enemies. How unfortunate that the enemy is their own fellow citizens.

This narrative is well known and extrapolated in many writings on the left (Alinsky) for one. 

It's the Left who would never admit their failings, yet they are always at the forefront of exposing others.

And make no mistake, they prefer to lay low those who have had human failings. Even if those failures have made them better Individuals.  No-one is sheltered from the hatred of their own misgivings. This stagnant element of their behaviors make them a danger to others. In doing so, they are the real Enemies of Freedom. 

The Left's propensity to wearing your Heart on your Sleeve may have at one time been well intended, even though we are taught through experience that we have little to no control over emotion.

Weaponizing  Emotion to gain control over your narrative is fraught with danger and misguided consequences.

One only needs to look at the American Political Landscape to understand.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

OpEd: Apocalyptic & PUNCH-DRUNK On Power

theodore  M I R A L D I.

The Left's gone Apocalyptic!

Trump has given the Planet the Finger! Somehow if the Middle Class in our nation refuses to pay polluters to stop destroying the climate, it's America's FAULT!

The World is a Mess, and Trump barely in office 6 months is to BLAME! 

They must really think the rest of us are just plain stupid. It's the failed policies of the Anointed One that is responsible for bringing the mess out There ... HERE!

The greatest tragedy befalling the Democrats has been the loss of feeling the pulse of the middle class. So invested in minority issues, the oars that power the Ship of State are floating aimlessly in a sea of delusions. 

Feeling invincible after 8 years of petulant power brokering, Harvard types and Ivy leaguers have created a maze of half truths, and fake information. 

The wholesale failures of the Free Press to investigate and report is pushing propaganda to the young and idealism to the hardliners who care little for the truth.

The Arrogance of Power displayed by Obama has trickled down to his fanatical base in an effort to make the United States of America, a South American Nightmare.

The losers within our society have been made to feel like the winners through no logical process, or qualified achievements. This folly of fools have talked themselves into thinking they have finally overcome their stupidity to become the brain trust of the nation.

The so-called Free Press isn't all that Free anymore. What unfortunately has become easy to divulge is, un-sourceable gibberish and hacked classified documents. Hillary Clinton was proven to leak classified information by the thousand. Where was the Free Press?

The same nefarious forces within the Obama regime are still at work trying to take down our government. They are Punch Drunk by a charlatan that gave the nation his middle finger and enjoyed every second of watching this nation loose its footing at home and abroad.

Nothing but hysteria from the Losers. Nothing seems to change.