Saturday, June 3, 2017

OpEd: Apocalyptic & PUNCH-DRUNK On Power

theodore  M I R A L D I.

The Left's gone Apocalyptic!

Trump has given the Planet the Finger! Somehow if the Middle Class in our nation refuses to pay polluters to stop destroying the climate, it's America's FAULT!

The World is a Mess, and Trump barely in office 6 months is to BLAME! 

They must really think the rest of us are just plain stupid. It's the failed policies of the Anointed One that is responsible for bringing the mess out There ... HERE!

The greatest tragedy befalling the Democrats has been the loss of feeling the pulse of the middle class. So invested in minority issues, the oars that power the Ship of State are floating aimlessly in a sea of delusions. 

Feeling invincible after 8 years of petulant power brokering, Harvard types and Ivy leaguers have created a maze of half truths, and fake information. 

The wholesale failures of the Free Press to investigate and report is pushing propaganda to the young and idealism to the hardliners who care little for the truth.

The Arrogance of Power displayed by Obama has trickled down to his fanatical base in an effort to make the United States of America, a South American Nightmare.

The losers within our society have been made to feel like the winners through no logical process, or qualified achievements. This folly of fools have talked themselves into thinking they have finally overcome their stupidity to become the brain trust of the nation.

The so-called Free Press isn't all that Free anymore. What unfortunately has become easy to divulge is, un-sourceable gibberish and hacked classified documents. Hillary Clinton was proven to leak classified information by the thousand. Where was the Free Press?

The same nefarious forces within the Obama regime are still at work trying to take down our government. They are Punch Drunk by a charlatan that gave the nation his middle finger and enjoyed every second of watching this nation loose its footing at home and abroad.

Nothing but hysteria from the Losers. Nothing seems to change.

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