Thursday, June 29, 2017

OpEd: ILLEGAL Immigration a Matter of SOVEREIGNTY

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theodore  M I R A L D I.

Citizens have rights that do not apply to just anyone. No-where in our Constitution does it say living in this country is the right of ALL HUMANITY, from any part of the world. Just being here is a privilege given by our nation to those most deserving, and those who will make this nation greater.

The inscription on the Statue of Liberty is a false invitation to any who think we must allow everyone, under any circumstance, the opportunities that others have worked so hard to create and maintain.

We are a nation of Laws, a society of many Beliefs and Customs that are duly respected and protected by our laws. 

Yet, our laws guarantee that American citizens, those born on our soil and those who have earned our acceptance through their assimilation, must always come first in the eyes of Local, State and Federal Agencies.

And to those who come uninvited, and openly disrespect our citizens by resisting the Rule of  Law need to step quietly, and request the kindness of our nation with humility.

To those who profess resistance based on some Human Right, or Right of Passage by some outside authority, I suggest repatriating yourself to the nation of your origin. There is no guarantee that we will allow you to stay. Subversion will no longer be tolerated.

Our nation has the most generous Immigration Policy of any nation on this planet. Millions arrive here each and every year legally and fulfill the obligations necessary to stay and eventually join the Freedoms given to our Family of Legal residents.

The wholesale Invasion constituted and allowed by members of both parties were against Federal Laws written and codified in both our Constitution and Legislative bodies. Those who have allowed this overwhelming flood of poor, uneducated, and sometimes aggressive Anti-American Actors need to be silenced.  

The Multi-Culture Experiment is over! It hasn't worked and is diluting the strengths that make this nation great. Our continued success requires us to strengthen our core values and insist upon acceptance by any and all who arrive.

In case you haven't noticed, One Way Multi-Culturism is a farce made up by those with hidden agendas. Let's see what would happen if 20 million French citizens move to Saudi-Arabia and demanded rights only given to its citizens.

The notion we are all Immigrants is sentimentality at best. As proven by the situation in Europe some communities will not abide by the Customs and Beliefs of their host nations causing chaos and fear.

Patriotic Americans from every social and cultural strata have shown kindness to those who have willingly broken our laws and sometimes harmed our citizens. We are the ones who decide who stays and who must go. Now that you have had a taste of Freedom, bring that knowledge back home and teach others that,

Freedom has a cost. Duty, Honor  and Respect for the Law makes Civilization. 

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