Sunday, June 11, 2017

OpEd: The Left's WEAPONIZING Words

theodore  M I R A L D I.

Edited)( 6/14/17
Spreading Hatred Creates Violence. It's time to shut down the evil lurking in our nation. There are many who have been WEAKENED by the constant onslaught by the media and those who want revenge for the wrong reasons. After all, we are all Americans who under normal circumstance make peace. It shields us from a violent outside world. No longer do we need the vitriol and classless behaviors we are seeing and hearing from those in power. The utter disrespect for those who are not in agreement has turned to violence to settle their grievances. This is not the American Way.

We have stood by and watched as outsiders bring their violence here and pollute young and old. We have had enough dead children, mass shootings and random violence against all.

As if sanity were a dirty word, the ruling class of democrats have developed a quazi-rationality that is based on negatives.  Their Mantra, No-one of their world  does things for the right reasons, so why should we, runs through the veins of the NEW LEFT. 

Victimization makes people Mentally Incompatible and easy to control.

Is it rational to judge others and profess Kindness, Understanding, and Forgiveness? Does it make us a better community creating incompatible people to roam our streets exposing themselves and others to bad encounters and vile responses?

Does complaining about Inner Cities and Education really matter, when the powers that be are responsible for the continuation of Failure?

Confront any Liberal with Logic, or linear thinking and they fall off into uncontrollable vitriol. How could anyone defend failure of policy with emotive out bursts and little else? 

When the Left confronts its own failings in an honest and constructive way, maybe we can all sit down and solve problems.

I'm hopeful that the real hatred that has existed under the cloak of individual rights actually applies to all individuals. The right to be sheltered from those who wish to prey on the weak and helpless.

Somehow Righteousness, Morality, Integrity and Honor have become the plague of human behavior. so many would like us to think.

The Left's reality show existence only has power to those who agree with the narrative whether it's honest or not. We should all be well educated to the use of Cognitive Dissonance, it has become the Left's playbook by using insidious promises to those in need to gain credibility against their perceived enemies. How unfortunate that the enemy is their own fellow citizens.

This narrative is well known and extrapolated in many writings on the left (Alinsky) for one. 

It's the Left who would never admit their failings, yet they are always at the forefront of exposing others.

And make no mistake, they prefer to lay low those who have had human failings. Even if those failures have made them better Individuals.  No-one is sheltered from the hatred of their own misgivings. This stagnant element of their behaviors make them a danger to others. In doing so, they are the real Enemies of Freedom. 

The Left's propensity to wearing your Heart on your Sleeve may have at one time been well intended, even though we are taught through experience that we have little to no control over emotion.

Weaponizing  Emotion to gain control over your narrative is fraught with danger and misguided consequences.

One only needs to look at the American Political Landscape to understand.

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