Monday, June 26, 2017

OpEd: SCANDALS, Turnabout is FAIR PLAY

theodore  M I R A L D I.

After nearly a year of investigations within seven committees, by numerous present and former Administration officials, the only proven crime is the unmasking  the names of private citizens by
former Obama officials that were then leaked.

At no time, after possibly thousands of documents and testimony has anyone, or agency of the government come forward with one piece of actionable evidence regarding Collusion, or Obstruction of Justice by the Trump Administration.

What is troubling and needs to be investigated are the actions of Obama Cronies who willingly and with intent Colluded with the DNC and Democrat Leaders to subvert the Trump Administration with Innuendo and Slanderous Lies.

And that's not all!

Hillary Clinton was under Criminal Investigation by the DOJ and the FBI. It is apparent that both Loretta Lynch and FBI Director Comey acted to subvert the investigation. No Special Counsel, No Grand Jury. 

It won't be hard to follow the dots that lead directly back to Obama, Eric Holder, Susan Rice and Loretta Lynch as the saboteurs of American Justice. 

What Obama actually accomplished was to pollute the Institutions to destroy Public Trust. Can anyone say that they trust the IRS, DOJ, EPA, VA, FBI and mostly the Democrat Party?

This subversion has been calculated and with intent to weaken our nation.

Mind you, it only took months to appoint a Special Counsel on frivolous charges of Collusion with the Russians to interfere with the 2016 Election against a sitting president.

Yet after miles of documents that pointed at  theClinton Campaign, the Dept of Justice, the DNC, and Obama, no one at the DOJ asked for a Grand Jury, or Special Counsel. After the most scandal ridden administration in American History no-one was ever dismissed from their job, or prosecuted for
Illegal actions.

It's time to purge our government and nation of the saboteurs who for all the evidence have gotten away with Sedition. It's what happens when you have those who prefer to act as victims access to American Power and Resources..

$10 Trillion Dollars later our nation is reeling from the incompetence of those who should have never ruled.

The months and years to come will vindicate the Institutions as sound while the players acted with malice toward their own countrymen and women.

Why did Obama do nothing when he heard about the Russian hacking? He was sure Hillary Clinton would be the next President. 

The deck was stacked by the Socialists who have no ability to fix the problems they have created.

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