Friday, July 7, 2017

OpEd: America Suffering the Same Democrat BRUTALITY as Segregated South

theodore  M I R A L D I.

Anyone really interested in the truth merely needs to reach back into history to find today's Truths.

The same forces that created an organization called the Klu Klux Klan are feverishly at work in modern America.  Their Grand Plan is to enslaves all of us!

You just need to look past your Ideological Dysfunctions.

Brutality and Violence have been the mainstream way Democrats get what they want. Intimidation of those who they perceived as weakened, or without voice. And the proof, is the revelations coming out nearly daily about the manipulations of the Democrats to demonize other hard working Americans.

Democrats building unions by beating anyone who refused to join, African Americans wanting desegregation in the south. The list of human abuse by the Democrats can never be healed by flawed
policy and broken promises any longer.

It's why the prey on the weak and helpless using taxpayer dollars to sway the Souls and Minds of the Vulnerable. Their narrative of we will care for you, if you support abortion, gay marriage or any other human dysfunction to get and hold power over American Voters.

They tell you disarming Law Enforcement makes them Safer while wholesale Murder takes place everyday. 

Dividing Americans is what the Democrats do best, like opposing the Civil Rights Act, or School Integration. 

Barring them from Office during Reconstruction was harsh, but apparently necessary to stop the hatred they created and Institutionalized.

Look no further than Urban American where the poor are Institutionalized by subsidies that do little to elevate them and actually keep them enslaved in poverty. 

The facts are there for anyone who really cares about the truth.

The Myth of Helping the Oppressed is the paradigm they use to help themselves.

Dehumanizing the vast majority of Multi-culture opponents who believe in America's Freedoms.

Know the FACTS! Know your FUTURE!

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