Sunday, July 30, 2017

OpEd: The Democrats 3 Amigos KILL ObamaCare REPEAL

theodore  M I R A L D I.

Under the most convulsive and Anti-Teamwork methodology, the Republicans have probably blown
future policy initiatives and future control of the government.

After 7 years of lying to get elected to only be driven into the ground by a Democrat Party that in this Bizarre Political Environment are actually the party in power.

The enormity of the numerous wins by Democrats trying to save a Bill that strips choice and logic from Healthcare has sent the Establishment Republican Pretenders hopefully into the job market.

Failure in the Public Sector is not a virtue in the Private Sector where positive results matter. Being truthful to your inner self may carry some weight doing palates, certainly not when you have little Jimmy holding an insurance card waiting for surgery, with no insurance to pay for it.

I'm curious what the Magnificent 7  who voted against Repeal will say when ObamaCare destroys itself taking everyone down with it.

Who isn't disgusted and disappointed at the spectacular collapse of Senate Republicans?

Just the Democrats. In Realty this is a LOSS for Everyone!

If you think Republicans were at war before, just wait and see what dysfunctions they assume now.

All the hand wringing by the 3 Traitors who have destroyed voters hopes of getting the government monkey off their backs in the Doctor's Office. Using the guise of needing more money
for their constituents and distrust of their Party. And, the one-time Hero who talks a big game, delivers little to the nation at war since being shot down.

So you think the Democrats the party of disappointments are worse?

Big changes in the Republican Party must happen NOW! Leadership must be passed to the real fighters and the Pretenders must be Purged. It's what happens when the bickering continues after the team has won the game. The Republicans, not enamored with the Trump Presidency work against the
best interests of the nation. Now that's Dysfunction.

It will be interesting to see how the Republicans spin this disaster into some Real Policy WINS.

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