Sunday, July 9, 2017

OpEd: Europeans Want U.S. To FOLLOW In It's FAILURES

theodore  M I R A L D I.

Failing nations that can not protect themselves from outside forces shouldn't be giving the United States any lessons on Governing.

Nations who are so in debt that they must be bailed out by the IMF or World Bank can not give us any sound advice regarding economics.

The Flawed European Union that is Federal and Isn't at the same time, is headed for the Dark Ages once more, and will pull us down with them if we don't Resist!

Europe has apparently forgotten the lessons of 2 World Wars caused allowing millions of undocumented migrants to reek havoc, assault and murder its citizens.

The Europe once the Cradle of Science no longer insists on Empirical Evidence to base its Domestic or Foreign Policy objectiveness. 

What insanity by European Leaders to open the floodgates
to a Cultural War that resulted in the Invasion by the Caliphate into Southern Europe and its Expulsion of the Moors hundreds of years later in January 1492 by King Ferdinand and  Queen Isabella.

There are numerous examples throughout Europe of Muslim Non-Compliance with Laws and Cultural Beliefs of Europeans. Like it or not these two cultures are Non-Compatible.

It would be incongruous to fantasize that history plays no part in the future (i.e. The Scorpion & The Frog). The situation will not change between these Cultures until Islam has a Reformation denouncing violence and hatred of non-believers.

Europe's No-Border folly may end with the destruction of organized movement and safeguards meant to protect its CITIZENS. If I were not the Optimist, I could easily formulate that the mass migrations
into Europe are with Intent.

Any individual must respect the Laws and Customs of their Host nations. Clustering into communities where only the like minded dwell retards the very meaning of starting a new, more prosperous life.

Europe's subjugation with fear to be true to PC will doom it to failure. Political Correctness in the eyes of Invaders only makes it easier to dilute what makes Europe unique.

Whether the Europeans see it, they are in the beginning stages of what the Soviet Union called Collectivism. Guaranteed standards that keep their standards low. It's what over-reaching government does. It zaps the discovery from the act of creating, turning individuality into drone like mannequins. The guise of equality on the backs of the industrious.

Socialism's successes rely on pooled resources and limited populations that are mostly homogeneous and of One Culture and Language. Even in its mildest construction an interference in unity.

Race, Religion, Culture and the Will to adjust to accommodate are now strong points with many groups. Use the African/American experience as an example. The Civil Rights Movement was about being included within the social norms. The BLM movement is about being separate, having special treatment at the cost of others.

Europe has long been an example of hits and misses on many levels of interactions between its States. Wars lasting thousands of years has literally decimated the trust between its rulers and its peoples. 

The Roman Catholic Church once Jihadists themselves now allows every form of human debauchery to be practiced without comment. Unfortunate that the Teachings of Modern Day Religion hampers
unity through disobedience to its calling.

The important part Europe plays in American Policy are its mistakes. 

It was its mistakes, that gave rise to our Founding Fathers.

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