Friday, July 21, 2017

OpEd: Everyone's Gone BANANAS

theodore  M I R A L D I.

Everywhere in Washington it's feeding time at the ZOO. 

Picture this, bananas are wrapped in the latest editions of the NY Times, WaPo and CNN Fake News. The monkeys know what's coming, they become agitated and the bananas come flying. The monkeys are going wild, screaming and jumping in every corner of the cage. And there on the floor in Times Roman 30 pt. type...

Trump Tweets!

Mass Hysteria ensues.

The Democrats are throwing bananas into the monkey cage.  and what comes up are more reasons to re-open the Criminal Investigation on the Clinton Email Server and the Clinton Foundations nefarious Pay for Play shenanigans with the Evil Russian Empire.

It's getting harder to tell the bananas from the monkeys.

To the Democrats, it's beginning to look like the Capital is awash with Russians, and it may appear the only ones working for their Countries Interests. As they gobbled up Free Nations, killed dissidents and again became a major player in the Middle East, Obama shuck his finger and the Russians kept coming.  

The Media and Legislature are in a Fool's Ballet playing "I gotcha while the nations continues to suffer with fundamental issues that need their full attention. 

The Press is beyond hysterical, they have been consistently wrong over a measurable period of time and they are committing to any story, hearsay or piece toilet paper left of the Newsroom floor.

They are unraveled and keep monkeying around with the facts. It's become a new Mental Illness by a society so fixated on winning, that no-one is winning. We are fighting against ourselves!

After 8 years of what has been called the most Corrupt Administration in American History, the Republicans are stuck in the weeds by accusations, phony meetings and false hyperbole regarding Trump's collusion with the same Russians that are talking incessantly with a gaggle of Democrats
all of the time everywhere. 

Democrats who snuggled up with Putin hid the severity of the collusion being committed by them.

Maybe it's time to send these juvenile primates a message that they will hear.

We have had Enough! No more Bananas, they make you act crazy! The world is at a tipping point and Washington is fiddling around in a sea of confusion.

I'm sick of Republicans throwing a wrench into the wheel of progress. I'm tired of the wimps who can't help but find something wrong with every word, tweet and policy the Trump Administration proposes. Let's face it Juveniles, leaders you are not. 

Brow beaten by PC, Minorities, the Media, the Rich and Famous they have become shell shocked by the constant rocks that bounced off their heads by the Obama (Let's Wreck America Party).

The Republican House and Senate are afraid to make any mistakes. Nitpicking the smallest details for a procedural vote that sends Healthcare back the House to fine tuned into its final version.

Are they kidding us, or what?

It's beginning to look like Obama had better leadership qualities than all of the Republicans together.
He forced the ACA down the throats of 535 Legislators and over 300 million Americans. He hid scandal after scandal by avoidance and childish charm.

Who's the Joke Now!

Many might have fallen for the bait and believe that Trump's tweets are a welcome diversion from a bunch of righteous apes who just can't get it done.

After all, they're just monkeys.

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